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Oh hey.
You may not remember me from 7 DAMN YEARS AGO when i posted about making a virus-themed mug for a coworker. But I'm back with more glass painting to show you, this time kitchenware.

This is a flour jug my parents got as a wedding gift in the 70's, part of one of those flour/sugar/coffee canister sets. These were an icon of my childhood and i love them to this day. Problem is, the lid seals are orange rubber and have deteriorated over these 40 years. So the last time i went to make cookies, the flour had gone rotten :( Tragedy. Had to throw the rubber seal out and now there's nowhere to put flour.

My mom and my cookies deserve better, so i went to Ikea and picked up a new jar (with a much better modern silicone seal). I will be trying to duplicate the text with glass paint, and you can watch!
Kitty helps.

So let's toss a flashlight up in heeeeere.

Oooooh, glowy.


Now we stick the traced word inside the jar.
I'm putting it on an angle because i feel jaunty.

This is a Porcelaine 150 fine tip marker by Pebeo. It's a water-based marker that writes on glass or ceramics. Pebeo makes a whole line of glass and ceramic paint that hardens in the oven and it is the bestest. I went in to more detail about the stuff in my previous entry.

But first you have to prep the surface for glass paint by washing it with dish soap then going over it with alcohol. NOT WINDEX. Windex leaves a film!

Behold my sub-par tracing. I'm using a beanbag heating pad to keep the jar stable as i work on it.

Hey you know what sucks? Writing on glass. Curved glass.

Time to fill it in with the glass paint.

After 1 coat. Hot damn does that look like balls.
Because painting on glass is balls and this paint is meant to be transparent but i don't want that :(
*technical note- this paint doesn't actually set until you bake it, so to clean up mistakes one only needs to wipe it off with water and go back over the surface with alcohol.

3 coats later! Done! YAY!
Now it has to dry for 24hrs, then into the oven for a half hour, and it will be completely permanent and even dishwasher safe, and i can make cookies again :)

Glass paint is pretty fun, despite glass and ceramics being a horrible surface to work on.


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