Jan. 11th, 2012

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i am mainly looking for bulk ring blanks with trays in brass ox, copper ox & antique silver but also findings like headpins, eyepins & jumprings. i found pandahall.com which has everything i need at good prices but for the amount of stuff i'd have to order as minimums, shipping is ridiculous.

here are some examples:


1) does anybody know where i could find such things in the US in those finishes a la one stop shop? i could get bits and pieces on etsy from various sellers but no one has all the finishes in a variety of shapes and sizes like pandahall.


2) is anyone else interested in joining in for a bulk buy from pandahall? most quantities are 100 minimum and even as manic as i get, i couldn't use 1000 ring blanks.

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So I have been making these beaded birds. And so far have just been tying them off when done...but is there a better/safer way to make sure it'll stay secure? I use a nylon thread. Should I try applying some heat? Or a dab of glue? Nothing has fallen apart, but if I want to make these for gifts I want to be sure they won't fall to bits! TIA!
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I made these adorable bunny slippers yesterday, the second slipper is still drying, but I thought I'd show you how one has turned out so far. Rabbit this a way. )
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I am interested in making a feather headress for myself to just take some pics with. It isn't a political statement.
I have been researching some different construction techniques online by looking up some tutoials. I think I have it pretty much figured out. I just can't believe the comments sections! People are highly offended.
Even for private use- is this crossing a line?
I kinda think the hipster feathered headbands/head dresses are cute...am I the only one?

(I am still making one. Has anyone else attempted this? Tips and Tricks would be appreciated*)

Have you ever offended anyone with a craft you've made?


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