Jan. 12th, 2012

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UPDATE! :http://craftgrrl.livejournal.com/13721849.html

(I'm sure you all are tired of hearing from me by now - Sorry!)

So it's been brought to my attention that Sew Expo has a crafting for charity thing called pillow case patrol. It's where a bunch of seamstresses and embroiderers make pillow cases for the kids at Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital. Last year they took in 2800 pillowcases which is about a 3 month supply.

I really think that for our first Craftgrrl Craft for Charity we should get in on this. A pillowcase only takes about a yard and a half of fabric (HELLO STASH BUSTER!) and is so insanely easy to make that even the most inexperienced of us could do them... not to mention it's for a good cause. Pillowcases are even light enough that maybe the non-US based craftgrrls could participate.

We could make them, send them all to one place and then have them all delivered to Sew Expo in March with a big note that says something like <3 craftgrrl with the names of everyone who participated. We could even have a photo gallery for you all to upload pics of your pillow cases before you send them off.

What do you guys think? WHO IS WITH ME?!?!?!

Pillow case patterns:


Jan. 12th, 2012 01:17 pm
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This is probably my most favorite piece yet! I pushed my scarf-creativity to new limits! Take a look at the new scarf:

Wait... the below picture is a scarf?? See the whole thing here! )

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I keep making insanely large and ridiculously complicated cross stitch projects, but this one kinda turned out quite nicely, I guess!

More pics and stuff over at my journal.

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Currently a work in progress


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