Jan. 13th, 2012

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Hey everyone,

I recently posted here asking about the best way to paint a plain ceramic piggy bank for my brother's Christmas present. I eventually found some ceramic paint and with only half a week to go until Christmas I finally got it done.

Next time I'd probaby give myself more time to do it and use a better quality brush.

More Pig pictures ahead )

I also made a tea cup pincushion as a Christmas present for a friend. It was super easy and it was a good way to use up an old teacup.

Also, it seems I need some more help. I've got these cheap shelves that are super ugly. And I sanded them down and primed them and I was going to decorate them with wrapping paper. I cut the paper a bit bigger than the panel I was going to cover and I painted a square of decoupage medium down and laid down my first bit of paper. I then painted the next bit of shelve and tried to flatten out my next peice of paper. I did this for the whole panel and it failed horribly. The paper wrinkled and I tried to smooth it out and just tore the paper. I tried to cut the paper smaller and use less glue but it still failed. I have just enough paper left to cover the shelves and I figured I'd ask here since you guys were super helpful last time.

Pictures of Failed shelves behind the cut! )

I tried to tag this post but LJ wouldn't let me.

Thanks all, (I'm sorry if this is super long).
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I very much like to make a nice presentation when I give a gift, and I have come to love simple rustic wrapping. Using general kraft paper and jute from the dollar store is inexpensive, gender neutral, and gifts can be decorated for just about any occasion.

Here's an example. )
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I have been debating whether or not to post these as the crafts posted here are vastly superior, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I volunteer at a library and I make the examples for their craft programs. These are the felt ornaments from the teen holiday program. To make it easier on the participants, the crafts were to be made with tacky glue. I would suggest sewing if you can, but if you use glue they work better without stuffing.

Pictures! )
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Hello all, I've not posted here before but I read and look and 'ooooo isn't that pretty' a lot. I've got some photos of my latest project. It's certainly by no means perfect. I'm not a very patient and precise lady and I basically made this up as I went along. I looked at a few different kindle cases online and then decided to wing it! I have loads of material and the snoopy material has been hanging around for a year or more waiting for a use and I thought it was pretty perfect for this! 

 This is the front and there's more behind the cut...
More photos and details back here... )


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