Jan. 15th, 2012

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My little sister got her squidhat present in the mail today! She's getting married in June, and I'm not sure how this inside joke started, but...bridal squid.

The pictures... )

Also, I found a diy project for mailer envelopes that would probably be perfect for the squids. I'm just a little unsure about their durability, and if I were to make them, what needles and thread to use. They look pretty cool, though, and it would be a lot cheaper and more ecofriendly.
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Hi all, I'm new to the community.  Nice work so far!  Since I don't have any knitting to show for my first post I'm putting up a re-painted toy I did for my brother.  I apologize if you aren't a pony fan - I know they are all over the place right now - but it was a bit of a challenge to get this paint job right.  My first attempt at doing so.

Anyways, the toy originally looked like this:
 The color is wrong on this to begin with, as Celestia is supposed to be white.  I had to pry the tail and mane off to re-paint as well. 

Now Celestia looks a bit more....Derpy )


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