Feb. 12th, 2012

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post to craftgrrl and I'm a bit excited to be a part of the community I have seen some absolutely amazing works shared here. It's very inspiring and wonderful to see such a variety. Everyone has been so nice.

I might as well give a tiny introduction. In the lines of the fiber world I am a knitter, who dabbles in crochet once and a while and has a strong urge at times to learn how to sew even though it kind of intimidates me. I started knitting several years a go, my inspiration? Doctor Who, my first project was a Doctor Who scarf from series/season 18. Needless to say I got to learn how to color change by row extremely well! I also love to draw though I haven't been giving myself a lot of time to do so lately. I also dabble a little in photography but that is just to do silly things.

Well I thought I would share what I am working knitting wise. I must say that it will still take me a while to complete. For I decided to make an afghan/blanket of no small stature. Pointedly, it is going to be roughly 70x90.

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Pleasure to meet everyone.
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I finally finished weaving in the ends on these today:

One reason I wanted to share these was for the folks looking for craftable presents that guys might like. These were make using the "EZ as pi headphones cover" pattern and went together in a couple of hours, which means that you could have them done in time for Valentine's Day even if you started tomorrow. I admit to getting perplexed by the circular cast-on and just doing a regular cast-on and joining.


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