Feb. 16th, 2012

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Hey guys, this is my first post here. I had a lot of spare bracelets and ribbons that I found recently, and I decided to make a dreamcatcher for my friend from inpatient treatment. I'm going to mail it today, and just wanted to share with you all! (although it's not very good!) I hope you like :)

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Oooo shiny new screen design!  I've been offline for a while for various reasons and it took me a minute to recognize the new layout.  Very nice!

I've been caught by the idea of using disposable chopsticks (used but clean). I'm at the "look at pictures of other people's projects" stage.  )
In other news, my 5yo has something to post as soon as she brings it home from school.  The kids were told to put together "collections" of 100 things arranged in groups of 10.  The teachers suggested stickers on posterboard, or baggies of objects... but she&I gathered seashells at the beach last summer.  We've been meaning to make windchimes, so I suggested we do them as her school project.  Cool-- get credit for something you already wanted to do!?  She liked that.  I let her pick out embroidery floss and cut it up and she glued 10 shells onto each.  (With all the finesse of a 5yo, LOL!)  She "helped" me tie it onto the driftwood, then bent a pipecleaner for a hanger.  She's so proud of it it makes me grin all over. 


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