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Feb. 21st, 2012 04:53 pm
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I love green or blue bottles and feel all the time that it's such a waste to throw them. I wish I has the necessary equipment and knowledge to transform them in something beautiful as this. Especially the candle glass from the right hand corner. Sigh...

Do you know how to recycle and have some tips and tricks for it?
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general question - has anyone dried mushrooms for presentation/decoration and how did it go / what did you do? I picked a few shelf mushrooms I want to put in my curio, and Id also like to start large glasspane shadowboxes full of pinned/identified mushrooms for the walls, with spring coming. Right now mine are in a ziplock in the freezer for the night, to kill any larave that might be nesting in them, but Id like to be prepared for what to do tomorrow when I take them out.

I was going to just take them out and let them air dry, but i dont know if there is a quicker method? Especially with shelf shrooms, they are so flipping big.
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I'm working on this 3D beaded chicken (right angle weave), it's a new pattern from a new book that I've never tried before, in Japanese...and the result is too floppy. The previous pattern I worked on had a bead inside to support it, but I'm not sure I can do it with this one, and it's also not in the pattern so I'm lead to believe it should work without it. Would using a stiffer thread work to make the form hold up better? And if so, do you have any suggestions? Currently I'm using 4mm Swarovski Bicones. The book says to use number 2 nylon thread, but I can't find anything #2 regarding nylon thread! If a stiffer thread won't help, I'll see if I can put suitable beads inside. The head shouldn't be a problem, but the body is oblong.

Thanks for your input!

Here is a picture! I have to lift up the head so that it doesn't go splat :( )
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Our elementary school's PTO did a crafts day in December. I volunteered to run a table to help the kids make flower pens as gifts.

I was inspired by something received as a bridal shower favor -- that was done with beautiful big fabric tiger lilies and flower tape.  My goal was a craft the kids could do for $0.50 or less because, well, it's kids. This is their allowance we're talking about.

I got boxes of pens, rolls of colored tape (we used floor tape rescued from a corporate discard pile), and hit up the local discount stores for off-season flower bouquets.  We cut the bouquets up into smaller bits and the kids taped them on.  My trick was a narrow piece of tape at the top so the kids could arrange things how they want, and then run the fat tape lengthwise.  We trimmed it so the cap could go back on.  The kids loved it -- they were able to do it themselves, and they were making all the choices. My favorite thing to say all day was "You pick which (X) you want to use -- that's your design decision!"  Their faces lit up.

The only child I saw not enjoying herself was the one whose father was trying to get her to do exactly the kind of pen he would have done...

Flower pens

[Edit: I should have mentioned since this is for kids, the flower bouquets are usually on wire.  You'll need wiresnips, and tell the kids that the cut bits can be quite pointy.  You have to work pretty hard to do more than a light scratch, but it's worth telling them.]


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