Mar. 9th, 2012

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Hi everyone! I finally have some new fused glass pendants to show! Also, a handpainted cameo, and some more wire wrapped d20s.

Here is my favorite one out of this batch:

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Here is my air plant in its new home! I made it last night. Plant has 3 friends on the way, and I made window-holders for each of them. I'm excited to see all my little air plant pots filled.

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I got the spice jars at the dollar store, along with some cotton twine. I had lots of beads on hand, along with some fishing line. I strung the beads on the line and tied them on, then wrapped the top (which has a convenient groove once a little rubber gasket thing was taken off!) with the cotton twine and made a tiny loop for the suction cup to fit through. I wasn't sure if the suction cups would hold the weight since they're small but they seem to be doing ok! Went with a rainbow theme on the beads because who doesn't love rainbows? Each has a unique bead too, I have a glass heart, a clay fox, a clay owl, and a glass seashell.

(Yes, my window is gross. Need to figure out how to clean the outside of it, that's where all the dirt is. :P)
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This week I have been playing with a frit blend by Val Cox called Gold Coast. It is “A complex merging of soft and defined aqua tones, both transparent and opaque, paired with a beautifully reactive opaque, Chalcedony, further punctuated with a rich, pure gold stone.” I had some great results from this blend. (For those who aren't glassworkers, frit is ground up glass that comes in different colour blends. All of the beads shown after the cut were made by me in a torch, all using the same frit blend but on different bases to produce very different results!)

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