Mar. 11th, 2012

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hey guys! I don't know if this really counts as crafting, but I recently made a clay head on the theme of 'transformation' and thought I would share. It took a little over 2 hours. It's not been fired, but I'm thinking of giving it a dark green glaze or something (I don't know yet!)

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Beer Label Coasters:

I had too much time on my hands when I found myself thirsty for the sweet taste of Michigan. So, I took action to remedy three birds with the same bandage.

Materials used:

• synthetic brush
• glue
• varnish
• felt stickers
• floor tiles
• beer labels

Step 1:
Drink a six-pack of beer.
(If you are a person on a tight schedule, like I am; I recommend combining step 1 with step 2)

Step 2:
Drive to the home improvement store.

Step 3:
Purchase synthetic brush, felt stickers, glue, clear gloss polyurethane and tiles of various size and color to match your labels. My tiles range from 3½ - 4 inches.

Step 4:
Peel label off beer bottle and glue to chosen tile. I used the brush to ensure an even spread of glue and applied pressure with a rag for a clean and flat adhesion of label to the tile. Let glue dry.
Step 5:
Coat label and tile with a coat of polyurethane and let dry. This will protect as well as make it look beautiful. Let dry and repeat step five to your liking. Personally, I did two coats of varnish on my coasters.

Step 6: Apply felt stickers to each corner on the back side of the tile. This will protect your furniture from being scratched by the coaster. (To be even more resourceful, use a straight edge to chop a wine cork and apply glue to adhere to the four corners of coaster)

Enjoy your coasters!
and in all serious, do not drink and drive. Be responsible!
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This is a cute and springy necklace made to give that old frog pendant a new home. This adorable green frog just looks so sweet in his pond! The necklace has a short chain and falls just below the neck. The colors were inspired by common pond colors (with the pink beads and the yellow flowers meant to represent water lilies or flower petals floating on the water). Originally it was going to be multistrand, but I decided to leave it the way it was and hang the leaves at the clasp. 

There is some chipping on the paint. 
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I added few things to my Breakfast set: little silverware box and a hot pad.
Plus one more iPad cover (this time for my boyfriend) and a small bag to keep the haircuting thingy in. Everything is done from the tapestry samples.


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