Mar. 12th, 2012

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I just finished my first crochet project tonight

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It was a relatively easy pattern, I learnt a lot by starting with this pattern and will be starting a second when I can decide on what color to make him, as I've run out of gray yarn and cannot afford any more at the moment. I'm a huge fan of the movie and made this one for a fellow fan as a gift :) I hope you all enjoy!

The pattern can be found here (LJ link)
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In my home, I have a small corner in our living room for my workspace. In that space I like to keep a bulletin board for random tchotkes, photos, and inspiration images. I sew and knit and make lots of stuff and always have things that inspire me around. Do you? Let me hear about it!

My corkboard was looking real messy though and I thought it time to give it a little makeover.

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this little (??, he's actually kinda taller than i expected!) guy took four days to make. it's my frist amigurami, and i realise you can see the stuffing through the stitches. this was pretty much a "rough copy" so i could get a feel for what i was doing. as it turns out, my younger daughter M totally loves it. it's back here, because i just left the table coding from my blogspot journal. it was easier. )

this was x-posted at [ profile] crochetcrochet and my own journal. you can see more of my stuff at Caren's Crochet Crafts too.
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I saw a kitchen plaque idea on a crafting blog party recently and thought I would make one to camouflage an area of damaged wall in my kitchen. See )
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here are some hair bows and bow tie embellishments (some st. patrick's day themed) i've made recently

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 i wanted to wear a skirt today to welcome the warm weather, so i made one last night out of an old bed sheet. 

looky, looky, i got hooky! )
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I'd say it's been about a month since I decided to try wire weaving and now I can't stop. This ring is my favorite. I wear it all the time.

Woven Red Crystal Ring

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Thanks for looking!


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