Mar. 31st, 2012

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Croched Jute Twine Vase 002.1

I crocheted this vase using jute from the dollar store. I improvised as I went along, using single crochet for the bottom and then switching to double crochet.

I wasn't sure what sort of arrangement I was going to use it for but when I found the braided stem of a ficus plant I had killed years ago, I decided to make a topiary using silk foliage because I kill all plants other than succulents.

I shaved a florist's oasis into a ball shape, then just inserted the stems of the leaves from three different types of plants: ivy, philodendron, and what looks like brunnera - all from the dollar store.

Cost of project: $5.50
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Made some socks (wellie warmers) for GAR -

Using Stylecraft Life Chunky yarn and the Crofter Chunky 9206 sock pattern, yarn bought at Miju in Gloucester, UK

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Gifts for friend Heather - Black and purple-striped corsety vambraces and a bamboo-blend sock yarn camera case. Labels made out of some very old file index cards GAR found in the cellar and a stamping set that I found in the wardrobe.

Phone-case made from my recycled head-band (I bought a beautiful head-band about five years ago - it's survived so long, until it accidentally went into the hot wash at a hostel!). The button is made of bog oak, apparently - I bought it at Handknits and Handweaves in Dublin (the label is theirs).
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This week I have been playing with Val Cox Hyacinth Violet frit. An absolutely luscious bluish purple, super saturated, just gorgeous.

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