Apr. 3rd, 2012

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For a very long time this post is due! I have been quite crafty lately which resulted in some stuff, which I am proud of.

Scarf made of an actual gift wrapping material.

Here I am wearing it... I put a small pearl as a button to close it at the back.

I made this mobile cover out of the protecting leather flip of my Samsung phone and pink thread. I just crocheted around it.

Back of the mobile cover.

Finally I made this pom poms out of plastic bags as a decoration for the upcoming first bday of my baby. Notice the small bows behind? I made them too...
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Hey all. Sorry for the text only post. Will keep it brief!

I am a photographer and want to start making my own masks, props and head pieces for use in creative portraits. I'm a fairly arty individual and love learning new skills but don't know where to start with this.

Basically, I want to create quirky, unique, weird and pretty masks, head pieces and props using papier mache, wire, glitter, clay, plaster, fabric and anything else available - can anyone point me to a good starting place? Books, websites, inspiration.. anything that's a good source for teaching oneself the required skills or giving ideas.

Thanks for reading!


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