Apr. 5th, 2012

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I've run into a bit of a conundrum; and that conundrum happens to be shoes.

These shoes in particular:
Orange and blue are all the rage in movies these days

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Okay. I've been doing beading for years but really haven't done much with pendants and absolutely nothing with charms. My parents gave me a gift certificate to Fire Mountain Beads for my birthday, and I found a grab bag full of different beads, clasps, pendants, charms, and more for 25.00. (I believe the bag was a four pounder)

I was so excited, because ever since I was a kid I have LOVED grab bags. Plus I used to price jewelry for a thrift store, and my job was to go through piles of mismatched jewelry to find stuff to sell. I loved it.

Anyway, I got the bag and it has TONS of charms in it, and I have no idea what to do with them. Some are in sets with themes, but I do have a lot of individual ones, such as about 20-30 Celtic crosses, among others. I thought I'd make necklaces with them (I have black cotton cord that I can put pendants on). However, because of the way the loop is on all these charms, none of them would lay flat once I put them on the cord. Know what I mean?

So my question is, what the heck do I do?? I've searched like mad on google, and I found one video where a guy said that *if* it doesn't lie flat, to make a loop...but then he didn't show how to make a loop! I know there must be an obvious answer.

So what other things can I do with charms? I don't have an chain at the moment to work with, I only have the black cord, nylon "thread," and some beading wire. If any of you have ideas, or could link me to a website or two that will actually HELP me,I'd really appreciate it. :)

thank you!!
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Okay. I sent my husband to the bead shop to acquire some jump rings for my charms (see my previous post this morning), and he came back with two baggies of figure 8 jump rings, which have no opening to pry open to put something on them. I tried googling them, but pretty much all I found was how to MAKE them or sites to buy them at. Anyone know what I can do with these? I assume putting charms on them isn't going to happen. Husband got kind of annoyed with me when I asked him what they were for, he says "you asked for jump rings, I got jump rings." hee. Explaining to him that these weren't quite what I was after appears to be useless. Help?
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For [livejournal.com profile] glitterophelia and anyone who has a pendant that won't lay flat and they don't know what to do.

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