Apr. 8th, 2012

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I spent 8 hours on Friday night sorting out the seed bead pile I've acquired.   So I am now ready to start learning to bead weave.  Any suggestions for what kind of stich to start with?  I have books and pdfs describing all kinds.  I like the fringes and spirals, but they look complicated.  One day I hope to make something like...

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I have a dress that I turned into a skirt, but I'm unsure of the fabric. It's kinda a wrinkly, almost gauzy like material. It has an okay amount of stretch, but not a lot of it.

I know that RIT dye won't work on it, so I've figured that it isn't cotton. I've thought about some kind of stain. Like making some coffee and soaking it in that for a while, then washing like normal [so it doesn't smell like coffee? lol] But I'm looking for ideas. I'm not thrilled with the color of it, it's a pink color. I can't say an exact shade of pink, because I'm not sure how to describe it in color. I'd like it either dark brown or black, or if that wont be possible, red.

Any ideas? The dress itself is like a peasant dress, and I've already sewed the sleeves up and cut them off to make the waistline on the skirt, so I can use that to test ideas on.


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