Apr. 24th, 2012

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i have decided (finally) how i want to decorate my kitchen.  i picked up an adorable pair of salt & pepper shakers at cracker barrel a while back - tiny little toadstools, and as i already have a mushroom cookie jar i figure i'll just go from there.  i'd like to put a mushroom border of some kind up on the walls but i'm not finding what i really want.  there's a ton of vintage mushroom kitchen stuffs out there & while i like it, i don't want my kitchen done in only brown & orange :/

i've come up with a few options & would like some feedback :)

1 - buy a wallpaper i like (still haven't found THE ONE yet) & cut it into strips to use as border

2 - buy peel & stick decals (again if i can find some i like) and use those as a border

3 - buy white border (or maybe white with blue trim) and use stencils/stamps to add my own mushrooms

i really don't want to stamp/stencil/paint directly on the walls as we are currently renting.  are there any options i haven't thought of?

i'm trying not to break the bank here...i found a wallpaper i loved...but at $156 a roll...um yeah...NO.
so help me out here please, grrls...i need me some mushrooms :D

ETA:  thanks for the suggestions :)  i love the fabric idea...just maybe not for the mushrooms.  i see new decorations in my daughter's future...lol
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I do only wire wrapping work. That is, until I read how you can color copper with fire. Hubby had a mini kitchen torch and I took it into my head to buy a sheet of copper and see what I could do. The mini torch's plastic nozzle melted and imploded two seconds after I put it down after finishing the very last panal in these two pieces, so no necklace. I loved working the metal and am so happy with the results.

Copper panel bracelet

matching earrings under cut )

It's done!

Apr. 24th, 2012 11:07 pm
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You've seen them all over the internet, and now I have my own version!
It took me SO long, I've been working on each step slowly since November, but it's finally finished and I kind of want to keep it for myself, but that would defeat the purpose...

Open It? )

I'm just so excited and I can't hide it but I have to because I have to wait until Friday to give it to him! But I know he is going to absolutely love it. :D


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