May. 3rd, 2012

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Do you like pokemon? Because I certainly do (my username might be a dead giveaway here XD)
For the past week or so I've been working on cutesy vectors of all of the starters so I could make them all into a big mass of super buttons, here are my results in convenient bite size snippets.


Throughout the process I was putting a lot of deliberation into who my all time favorite starter is... and that would be chimchar. Chimchar all the way. 8D
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Hello my lovely crafty-ladies and guys! I started a new project the other day, so these are my first attempts, but I made runesets! The first set is made out of abalone shells and the second one is a mix of pink gemstones. I etched the symbols with my dremmel, then used paint pens to fill in the lines, and then varnished the symbols so the color won't wear off. I'm pretty pleased for my first time doing these! Especially because I always wanted a set, but a lot of stone sets you see can run up to $50.00, but now I can maaaaaaaaaaake them. Anyway, the first two pictures are runes, and the bottom one is some more dice I wrapped. I apologize for the random cat picture on the last picture, but I needed something to cover up all that black space. (not so good at making my own photo-colllages)

click for one more set, and dice! )
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I just bought all the yarn to start working on MY WEDDING INVITATIONS! Yup, I`m gonna knit them!
I am not normally one of those ladies who gushes about her upcomming nuptuals but ever since I decided to turn it into a huge excuse to craft I have been getting more and more excited.
I am thinking of the event less like a wedding and more like a vernissage. I find this much easier to look forward to this way. Not really comfortable being the center of attention.

Anyway, I just couldn`t wait to tell you guys. Omg, I am so excited to work on this! I can`t wait to show you!

Pics to come soon, I promise!


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