May. 21st, 2012

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Look, up in the sky! 

It's a bird?

It's a plane?

NO, it's. . .

SUPER WORM!!! (3 pics) )
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Someone at work asked me to make her a necklace and earrings!!  I don't know what to do with the stuff I make, so I am very pleased to have an excuse to work on something knowing it will have a home.  She sent me a link for a starting point, a necklace with gold and black round beads, but said she wanted something more interesting. 

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Shortly after my sis had her baby, we all (mom, dad, me, sis, and baby) went out to a home & garden show. My sister went to the bicycle shop beforehand and bought one of those orange safety flags that bike riders use, and put it on the stroller so we could find her when we all got separated from each other. Then we all started joking about how she should have different flags to fly, like the pirates used to, and well, next thing I knew she and I were at the fabric store buying fat quarters.

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Here's a couple of pictures showing how the flags are attached to the stroller.

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I've been busy experimenting with new materials.

Here are some hair clips and barrette I've made~ I am rather pleased with the results ^__^~

PS> I'm sorry for the cut off on the photos D: You can visit my personal LJ for the same non-cut off photo. I didn't know craftgrrl chops off the extra bits off the sides ;__;

This way for more of my Metal Flower Garden~~ )


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