May. 27th, 2012

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Here are a few more nautical pieces I made for an upcoming festival. (: 

Click for coral reefs, sand dollars, and dolphins )
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Hi everyone! I finally have the chance to ask your all-powerful knowledge. 

I recently bought a 80 inch string of cultured freshwater pearls that my mother wants me to convert into one double-stranded choker necklace and one single strand of pearls. The strand of pearls that I got is meant to be worn as a looping necklace and has spacer knots between every pearl. My question is this: Is having a spacer knot between each pearl something that's necessary to protect the pearls or can I just string them next to each other? Frankly, I'd rather not have to figure out how to make tiny, evenly spaced knots and that's a pain in the pattotey. 

Also, a secondary question is what I should use for string. I can either get wire or nylon string. I'm more comfortable with wire because I know that I can attach the necessary findings and they won't fall off for sure, and while string is a little more slippery and therefore a little less secure in my eyes, it just seems like it would be a little more....idk "elegant'? Any ideas on how to make secure knots with nylon string that won't come undone? 

Thank you much! I'll make sure to keep you guys posted once everything is done. :))
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I made this for my husband :)))) He's a happy camper.

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Why is it when every time I'm nearly done a project and on a deadline to get it completed, does my sewing machine break down? This has happened with some regularity in the last year or so and it's gotten really frustrating, especially since my 'other' machine, which was taken in for repair, isn't working either.

Here's what happened last night/this morning as I was finishing an outfit I wanted to wear today. Everything was going along fine when suddenly the machine seized up, that annoying beeping sound occurred and the needle wouldn't go up or down and I had to pull the fabric out from under the presser foot and needle, finding a bird's nest of bobbin thread when I managed to get it free. I took the bobbin out, as well as the bobbin case, and used my brush to clean out some fuzz and dust, put it all back...and the same thing happened. Three or four more times. I was literally 3 seams away from finishing the project. Argh! I'm not sure how to fix this. Usually after doing it over and over again a sufficient number of times, things just start working again. I hate to have to get it serviced again, especially since I have two projects for other people that I was planning on doing this week.

Any suggestions? My machine is a Singer 2638, which came out for Singer's 150th anniversary.

ETA: Thanks for all the suggestions -- tension it is. I adjusted it and now it's sewing again. I had to wear something else yesterday but now at least I can do those projects I promised for other people this week. I will never understand how machines can be set the same as always and just suddenly not work. Cars, sewing machines... oh well, thanks again to everyone who responded.
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I've been making artist trading cards for a ATC swap I joined. And I managed to finish way ahead of the June due date. These little jewels are so much fun to make. These are going to my partner.

These are the cards my partner sent to me.

luv,2 learn,


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