Jun. 3rd, 2012

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A long time ago someone posted here photos and a link to a tutorial on making polymer dolls. They were two stunning Elfs. Rather dark looking. I've saved the link, but since then, my laptop dided and took all my saves with it. Now my mum got interested in making dolls herself and asked me if I new any good links and I just cant find it. I've tried checking tags and going back through the archive day by day, but I just can't find it.

If any of you know what I'm talking about or know any other good links, please help!

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My first attempt at making a bracelet in about 8 years.  

Easy to make.

Three kinds of beads.  Beading wire.  Crimping beads, Clasp and jump rings.

Cut wire about 4 inches longer than you think you need it.   Better too much than not enough.
Put Scotch tape on one end... this keeps the beads from going off one end.

Before you start stringing... put the beads on a cloth in the pattern you want.  This makes it so much easier.

String beads.   Run wire through the clasp and then run wired through crimping bead.  I usually thread wire back
through a couple of beads (like burying the thread when you cross stitch).

Crimp wire close to clasp.  Trim extra wire off that end.  Repeat on other end of bracelet.  

I added an extra jump ring to my other end because I was having a hard time getting the clasp to catch. The extra
space did the trick.


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