Jun. 4th, 2012

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I found some pretty neat suncatcher projects at the dollar store near me. Unfortunately, the paint in the tubs that came with is .. i'm pretty sure it is worthless as at least two colors are entirely solid inside the tubs. I was wondering if the regular acrylic paint i have laying around would work instead (would prefer to use it as it is neon and neon is ftw!), possibly with some additives added.
I saw via some quick googling to use food coloring and glue, or soap and 'powdered' tempura paint, but I don't always trust random projects I find out there. (also have none of those supplies laying around, and if I'm going to *get* supplies i might as well get actual suncatcher paint, whatever it is)
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hello hello!

first time poster here. I just got married a month ago, and I made my own bouquet:

I posted a link to the tutorial I used on my blogspot, if you wanna make one yourself! :) It was kind of time consuming. and I kept getting angry at those annoying little spider-web wisps of hot glue that get all over everything. So I had to take a lot of coffee breaks, haha. Anyway! I used slightly different materials than the tutorial calls for, and added some felt flowers for a pop of color and texture, but you can really make it look however you want.

Surprisingly not as fragile as you'd think, but I still managed to crush it on the way home :/ haha.

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Hello friends,
Thanks for the challenge!


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