Jun. 15th, 2012

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I finally refinished the last of this set of four chairs and thought I'd share a tutorial on how to make custom seat cushions for those that are interested.

A before shot of the chair, and the complete photo tutorial can be found on my craft blog, here.
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I'm married & I'm back!

I've begun crafting full force again after the stress of planning/having the wedding :)

My newest project has been creating many Magnet Boards! jerricajaneen@gmail.com

More pics here! )
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I loved making these pieces. [:  They were super easy and turned out great!

Link to larger picture.

I also have a question.  Do you guys know of any places where I can get glass marbles like this?  Only in different colors.  I went to Michale's a few months ago and their selection wasn't too great.  They had some clear ones and darker colored ones (black...dark blue).  I'm wanting some lighter colored ones.  Something online would be preferable so I don't have to travel an hour away to get them.  Some place cheap (in price and shipping...I got this big bag for $4 at walmart and it has a TON in it), reliable and trustworthy would be nice.
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Hi girls, it's me again xD Hopefully this is allowed here.. I just wanted to share a series I write for my blog since a couple of months now: "DIY from head to toe", as write in the introduction >> here <<, it's about "weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly".

I posted the 12th episode on Wednesday, neon themed:

You can click on the pic to take a look, hope you'll like it :)
Have a nice w/e!!


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