Jun. 20th, 2012

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I've been travelling for quite a time, and I thought, what's better than a nice passport and travel document wallet that fits all my travelling need? Especially when you're inside the plane and need to fill all the long immigration cards and stuffs? So I made this passport wallet that has pockets and pen holder, which also big enough to put my e-tickets and stuffs.

I found the cover fabric at an op-shot. It's a nice vintage screen print pink flower fabric. What I love most is the brand marking near the selvage, and I thought, it's quite cute to showcase this marking. Unfortunately I did something wrong with the sewing, so the inside is quite skewed to certain side. But it happened, so....

Here it is, my pink passport and travelling wallet :)

( more pictures here )
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Okay, I've learned lately that I LOVE to crochet, but I'm new at it. Getting the hang of it.

My daughter really wants those cute amigurumi dolls that are crocheted, and hey, I'd like some for myself :) But can any of you crafty people help me because I can not for the life of me figure out how to do the freaking magic circle, or make the damn dolls at all! I am absolutely DUMB at it. I don't know crochet vocabulary, I can follow a video and do it except the damn magic circle and amigurumi sphere (or just a regular crochet sphere) is absolutely lost on me. Help! I can make blankets and little scarves for her toys like a badass, but I really want to make those dolls. And my hands are being really, really dumb! lol


Oh, shoes.

Jun. 20th, 2012 04:05 pm
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I have been really needing some brown flats for quite some time but it's tricky finding some that fit well.

enter...the camouflaged shoes! )
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The magnets post reminded me that I'd wanted to share this...even though I don't have a pretty new one to show off.  I hadn't realized how dingy this had gotten until I cleared the calendar for the picture!  I sense a night of crafting tomorrow instead of web-surfing.

My engineer husband loves dismantling broken things to salvage usable bits.  Sometimes I even agree with him on what's worth saving -- in this case, the industrial-strength magnets used in big old speakers & microwave ovens.  I'm talking magnets strong enough to hold a wreath onto my steel front door, or an 18-month family calendar onto the fridge.

They have some problems though.  They're ugly.  They're strong enough to scratch surfaces & pinch fingers.  And they're kind of slippery too, which makes scratching & pinching more likely. 

So I cover them in denim.  This picture shows one small one uncovered, and one larger one covered.    I sewed it into a little pouch like it was the most un-cozy stuffed animal you've ever seen.  I cut two circles maybe an inch wider than the magnet, sewed them together 3/4 around, flipped the pouch inside out, stuffed in the magnet, and handsewed the opening.  It's really weird the way the needle tries to stick to the magnet.


Normally it's almost completely invisible under two pairs of scissors, a screwdriver, and a dozen or so pieces of wire from Chinese takeout boxes, and a tube of minute glue. 

I've got plans with my 5yo to do the next one with felt and make it a big smiley daisy, when she comes back from Camp Grandma.

Safety note: Be VERY careful taking apart old microwaves -- the magnets are bound together in the "wrong" direction, so when you break the binding they will push apart abruptly.  The one I watched Rob dismantle, he slipped at the wrong moment, and one of the magnets flew across the room and hit the far wall.  Happily I was standing on his other side!


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