Jun. 21st, 2012

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I am pretty broke at the moment so buying fabric isn't the most convient. I have worked around this by aquiring old clothes from friends and families to make these little guys

Sweater Monsters )
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I guess this might not be considered crafty per se, but I thought I'd share an unusual way to display photos or give them as gifts. Feel free to remove this post if you don't feel it belongs here.

Bottled Photo 007

I have been wanting to display this photograph of my parents on their wedding day, so I decided to stuff them over rocks in a bottle with a cork stopper.
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I posted this on the Craftgrrl FB page but I figured I'd better post this over here for the non fb peeps.

"2 Million Knitters with Pointy Sticks are Angry at the US Olympic Committee
The US Olympic Committee just sent a cease and desist letter to Ravelry.com for a member-created activity held every two years called Ravelympics. Namely, they declared that the usage of Ravelympic was an infringement on that name, and furthermore, that the activities we hold, such as knitting “afghans,” actually “denigrate” the nature of the Olympic events and are disrespectful to the athletes. Yes, because clearly an activity created to show our love and support for an international series of sports games is infringing upon the USOC’s ability to make money, right? What is most despicable about their bullying actions is that they are calling out groups of crafters who are doing something in their honor – some of these knitters and crocheters are actually working to make the athletes specially handknit items!"

read the rest over here

Update: They've apologized but it's ringing pretty hollow IMHO


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