Jun. 30th, 2012

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I'm making these pizza bites for a 4th of July party on Wednesday.They're pretty off beat, and I can only imagine how many times I'll hear "What ARE these?". I need an idea for how to label them while they're on the buffet table. I'll probably have them on a regular flat plate, so I was thinking some kind of banner to label them? Any ideas/wisdom you have to share?

By the way, that recipe is absolutely amazing, you should try them!

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My niece is turning 1 in a couple weeks. I am getting her a gift, but I want to make her something else, too. I would love to get a t shirt and then iron on a transfer onto the t shirt. Her name starts with S, so ideally I would take the link below and somehow color it in digitally (does anyone know how to do this, too? Or if I did it manually myself, what pens to suggest?) and then iron it on.

-Do you have any suggestions for iron on transfers? Brands, tips, etc.
-Do you have any tips on programs for 'coloring' in the snake?  http://www.preschool.co.za/gappUploads/downloads/s-snake.gif
-If I can't use the computer to color the snake, what would you recommend?
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I just posted a well overdue update on my blog containing a very helpful crochet tutorial. Learn how to crochet your very own coasters and matching placemats in less than a week!


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