Jul. 2nd, 2012

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I know this has been done sooo many times, but I can't help making a t-shirt recycle too. I had two t-shirts that I don't like any more so I decided to made a reversible tote bag from it. Fortunately, I still have quite fabric left from one of the shirt, so I made fabric flowers and turned it into headband and necklace. 

As for tutorial, there are hundreds of tutorial on how to make fabric flowers and reversible tote bag on the web :) I'm sure most of you have seen those tutorials somewhere.

So here they are, the summer-ish accessories in the middle of winter.

( more photos )

ps: I would love to follow some craftblog in blogspot. If you have one, please let me know :)
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This weekend I've been working on a video demo of how to make my signature lampwork glass goddess beads. Hope you enjoy :)

cut for video )
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I have an outdoor table but I always have to wash it down before I can use it as the birds make a mess of it between uses. So, I'm going to make a cover for it so that I just have to pull the cover off when I want to use it. I'm not sure what fabric to use. I want it to be as cheap as possible, probably washable (machine or spray down with hose), able to sew with my sewing machine, seal out water and to not disintegrate from the sun straight away. I'm thinking light canvas or plastic tarpaulin but not sure how either would go with my sewing machine. I'm hoping someone here has made one and can give me a hint. Thanks. :)


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