Jul. 20th, 2012

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Hi everyone :)

Just wanted to share the hodge podge of crafting I do. And if you're lucky (or if I am) I'll be able to show some of these off as finished some day. Ha.

I have this great ability to come up with ideas, and start them but I fail at finishing anything.

The current big project is a wall hanging come tapestry. Based on the Battle of Agincourt it will be a massive hanging with appliqué, embroidery and a dash of quilting. So far I have the paper template sorted, I have one Longbowman stitched up (embroidering each part before being appliquéd onto the main backing) and all my components. With the exception of the fabric for the backing. Which is proving very hard to get here. Just some heavy, stiff, blue cotton. That's all I want. Not a blend, not a faint pattern, just plain. I might actually just end up buying blue bedsheets and be done with it.

Here is my Flickr stream for all my creativeness. Mainly painting and embroidery but you will also see how much of it isn't finished.

Thank you and I am new here on Livejournal - I've been joining creative communities at a rate of knots and I would love more creative friends!

Killough 0380
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I don't know if anyone has noticed but the craftgrrl fb page is gone.

Sometime yesterday facebook decided that that the name I use on FB wasn't real (when in fact it's my actual legal name) and without warning disabled my account. When they did that it took the Cg page with it. They've demanded a pic of my id which I sent them for sake of the Cg page - I'm personally done with FB. So now I wait for them to decide I'm real and reinstate the Cg page.

Finally out of facebook jail! for now at least the emails they've sent me conflict but hey! my login works.
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So thanks to the facebook fiasco Cg now has a google plus page and a pinterest


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