Jul. 22nd, 2012

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Keep in mind we live in the desert southwest, and denim is the fabric of our lives. With that being said, let me share the latest creation, a custom number for my mom......
Denim Dragon Hangin Out

while there will be more dragons, this particular model is an ooak...kinda like *Ruth*
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The other night, at dinner, I was inspired to create a "Broccoli of Life" pendant:

I am torn between feeling completely silly about this, and actually wearing it as a reminder to eat more healthfully. I'll try it tonight to see if I can stick with salad... :)

I'm also thinking about non-toxic ways to turn it green (it is solid raw copper). I plan to try the vinegar and salt method (http://www.chem.umn.edu/outreach/Card-SaltVinCopper.html) unless anyone here knows of a better way. Do you know of a good non-toxic way to create a beautiful verdigris?
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Check out the hats I made!


When making anything panda related I have a really hard time not making them in a different color each time... XD
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Is anyone else addicted to making these?

Three flouncy scarves and my long suffering model.

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So I thought I would share my latest duct tape bag!

I work at a labor archive, and one of my co-workers had her birthday. She is also a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Check it out! )

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I've long made "night" versions with various Full Moons, but I wanted to celebrate the bright warmth of a sunny day in this piece. The color is so sunny and happy, it's a little bit of wearable sunshine!

Here Comes The Sun - Tree of Life Pendant with Yellow Jade Sun Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver


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