Jul. 25th, 2012

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Would you consider 3D street art to be something as a craft?

I've never seen it in real life, so I usually assume it's just people with photoshop skills.

I remember for one of my Visual Arts finals in college, the medium was exploring what is considered a craft.

I used sand as my medium and I created a koi pond using different colors of sand right outside the classroom, on the cement floor.

... I got an A =D.

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I made this garbage bag for my car. I have a ton of this fabric since I bought nearly two yards in the remnant pile for under $5. I lined it with a piece of vinyl tablecloth padding I can't use for the table anymore. I am using it for different totes and stuff. I put a side pocket on there for Shout or moist wipes, too. Seems like we always need those. 
trash bag for Rav
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I just finished a new set of buttons I've been working on the past couple days, please tell me what you think


They're villains and antagonists from the my little pony cartoon. The villains in the show are so colorful, over the top and entertaining. They were also -super- fun to draw.


Jul. 25th, 2012 09:46 pm
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Hello, everyone! This is my first post, although I've been watching for a while. I work in a used book store, and while great, it doesn't pay that much. So I made some bookmarks to try and raise a little extra money. 

Take a look! )

There are two other designs not shown: a suspension bridge and an art nouveau bird. They're printed on pages of old books we were going to throw away. (I used a dictionary for the flower and bird, Shakespeare's history plays and sonnets for the globe, and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales for the seahorse and bridge. The seahorse is on The Little Mermaid.) I then laminated them by hand. I sold my first one today! It's the first thing I've ever sold that I made! I'm super proud. If they take off, I hope to expand to other bookstores in the area and maybe to etsy. (Or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself!)

What do you think? Have any suggestions for other designs? I have a hard time finding images that aren't coded as feminine, so masculine/gender neutral suggestions would be welcome.


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