Jul. 29th, 2012

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So my mom's bday is just round the corner and I've been racking my brain, thinking of something to give her, because she's IMPOSSIBLE to buy for (funny thing: she says the exact same thing about me).

As I was walking down the street I went to this newspaper stand to buy cigs for my bf and a loto ticket and I saw this really pretty wrapping paper:
I bought one sheet for €0.50.

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Hopefully she'll like it.
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So for various reasons a couple of years ago, I decided to learn how to make bobbin lace. I had a few lessons but didn't pursue it at the time due to lack of proper equipment. Last Xmas I got my act together and got a pillow and some lovely square wooden bobbins and have been getting stuck into it.

Here are some of my learning experiments

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These are all variations on the Torchon Ground as that is currently what I am working through learning, as its a key component of the Torchon style which is my preferred choice. Yes, in case you were wondering, I *am* insane but having fun. Its not nearly quite as complicated as it looks, but it really is quite fiddly.


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