Aug. 13th, 2012

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I made these earrings recently, my first pair, and I'd like some constructive criticism please! So far all the feedback I've had are "they're cute", which isn't that helpful (but nice to hear!) Knitted earrings (and beaded earrings) are something that I'd like to pursue but I don't know how to make them look professional and not something you make at camp.

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I'm back up and running, crocheting my little life away. I probably should've started early-Summer, but better late than never. Breaking out my crochet hooks reminds me so much of Fall and Winter, I'm catching some type of longing for cool-weather & the crafts that go along with it.

I made this hat for a close friend; I made Jordan channel his inner Deadmau5 to get the vibe for the photos ;)

Questions or comments, email me at
Deadmau5 Hat:


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Hi! I'm new here (and so excited I found you, btw)  and was hoping to get some advice.  I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post, please direct me elsewhere if necessary, but I am feeling hopeless.
My favorite purse in my entire life is falling apart (
 ) and I desperately want to make a similar one but bigger. I have measurements and most of the materials but I've never used my sewing machine and have NO idea where to start.  Even after reading the book it came with and watching videos online, I feel I still might need a lesson or something. 
 My biggest hitch besides trying to figure out my sewing machine is the purse handles.  I love the ones on the original purse, on the inside they're some sort of foamy squishy stuff, and I'd love to find something like that but don't know what it's called. My craft areas include painting, clay and jewelry making, so sewing is kind of foreign to me!  If anyone could help me I would be so grateful. Thank you :)


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