Aug. 31st, 2012

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Hi, I`m new in this network;-). and I have a problem: My best friend will leave the country for a few years and I decided to knitt myself as a puppet, so she can still have me at her breakfasttable... any ideas how to start?
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... colored 36 inch wide velvet. On first thought, a jacket for me sounded doable, but where I would wear this thing I cannot think. I do need a jacket, it's the color ... and it would need lining, meh.

Anyway, for Christmas, there are 4 littles to consider making something for: two boys, 7 and 1, two girls, 4 and 2. Any ideas?
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hello fellow craftgrrls!

I don't know if the graphic designy stuff really counts as a craft, but regardless, I have a free planner download for the month of september for you creative busy blogger types! There's a version for printing, and also a version that I made into a PDF with editable fields, so you can fill it out on your computer. Both are included in the .zip file. I hope this post is allowed! I just want to share it with people who would really use it. Here's a little sneak peek:

The zip file is hosted over at MediaFire, so when you CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE PLANNER, it will take you there, where you can download it. huzzah! and, if you head over to my blog, there's a photo tutorial on how to put together the printed planner, as well as free desktop calendar wallpaper to match the planners. I find myself using the editable PDFs a LOT more, surprisingly. Oh, and here's the link to the blog post with the free desktop calendar wallpaper for September: CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL AND DESKTOP CALENDAR.

Happy planning! :)

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I'm glad to have found this community because I've been dying to find a place where I can ramble about my crafts to other people (aside from my own journal, but I think my friends are tired of hearing about it, lol.)

Let's see...short gamer girl, wearer of glasses, herder of cats.
My crafts range all over the board. Ink and pencil drawings, charcoal, painting (acrylic/oil), crocheting (badly), staining/decorating boxes, metal and bone work, oil pastels, some leather work, costuming/costume make-up...And I'm probably forgetting some, lol.
Oh, and I make miniature hats.

I had insomnia for a few nights and just started making them out of sheer boredom. They've been turning out well so far, and I like making them. This one has raised gold dots on the fabric with black lace and tulle, and cream teardrop beads.
Please excuse the crappy photo, but so far it's the best one I have of this particular hat, which is my favorite so far.
I make my own hat forms for the most part, as it's a bit more difficult to form the fabric to a pre-made form. Plus, I can have fun with the forms and do a bit more with them than I can a pre-made form.
My hats are wearable as well.
So far I've just been making the hats for myself and friends, but I've been told I should sell them on Etsy or at conventions I go to. I'm not confident in the construction of the hats as being good enough, plus there are others that make them much nicer than I do, so I just enjoy it as a hobby at the moment.

What do you guys think?
And what is your favorite craft to do?

I've been considering getting into decopodge recently. Is there anyone out there that does this and how do you find it to be like? Any suggestions for a newbie on it?


Aug. 31st, 2012 11:56 am
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I’ve been given the task of finding an eyebrow template for this afternoon’s Friday Fun at work. I just need some comedy eyebrows stencils/templates I can print out. But I’m having so much trouble googling it! I can only find eyebrows for beauty rather than funny groucho marx etc ones :(

Does anyone know of any stencils or better search terms??

Thanks in advance!

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Hi!  Long time listener, first time caller.  This is a keepsake I made from a wedding invitation that I plan to give as a gift to the happy couple.

(link to photo since pretty big and I cant figure out how to post a thumbnail)

I strategically shredded the invitation to a wedding, careful not to cut through the important stuff such as names and dates.  I curled them around whatever round things I found:  pens, pencils, even toothpicks.  They stayed curled but relaxed out.  I placed them mostly randomly inside the mason jar, using tweezers and tongs to adjust the important stuff that I wanted readable.  Lid and vinyl decal (the B) Found at Craft Warehouse.  Added ribbon loop from leftover wedding ribbon and blinged out with leftover stick on "pearl" and rhinestones.


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