Sep. 5th, 2012

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I just found this place, and as an introduction I thought I'd post some picks of socks I've knitted. My craft definitely is knitting, although I also do scrapbooking and card-making. I live in Finland, and our winters are long and cold, so I knit socks, mittens, scarfs, beanies, and sometimes bigger things for my family and friends. These are from the last year or so, and they are just a small portion. I don't even remember how many pairs of basic socks I've knitted... Someone always seems to need them :) From some there are two pictures, as an attempt to get a better view of the pattern.

Pictures here )
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Thought I would post my first (and so far only) attempt at painting furniture.
It was a fun project to do and eventually I'm going to do my dresser the same way, as it desperately needs it after surviving me as a child with stickers and markers. LOL

Top of nightstand. I tried to paint the Orion Nebula. Stars were achieved by using spray paint gingerly so it would come out as a slight splatter. I also extended some of the larger globs of paint to achieve the larger stars. Part of the wood warped on one side. I'm rather pleased with how the top came out. I used a mixture of acrylic paint and water color for the Nebula.  

Front of nightstand. The drawer got a bit more stars than I intended, and I'm not very happy with the way the Nebula turned out. I may go over it later on, but for the moment I'm content to leave it as is. Please excuse my pajama pants in the background, LOL.
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for those who may be interested.

remember my Little Ghosties i posted August 28?

the free amigurumi Little Ghostie pattern is available on my blogspot to be printed out and made! there's even a variant at the bottom of the page too... as of right now, it's still in progress.

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At Stitches this year I bought a ton of roving to handspin. Most of it different from it's neighbor as I am learning. 

This has left me with small amounts of very different yarns. 

Should I make an afghan of practice wool? Would that be cool or totally lame?

Thanks! :)))))))))


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