Sep. 14th, 2012

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September Rose was named for the month she was born in and her mother's favorite flower. September is a girl in love with girliness, the ultimate symbols of which she believes to be roses and rabbits. She spends long hours in her mother's rose garden with her toy rabbit embroidering floral motifs or writing poems about the changing seasons while sipping tea.
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I haven't posted here in a while. I've been working through my stash in an attempt to clear space and hopefully sell at a few craft fairs.

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Sorry for the slightly awkward layout of the pictures! I also post here, and am Forkis on Ravelry.
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I don't know if baking is really considered crafting, so if it isn't, please someone tell me and I'll remove this post. If it is (and I hope it is because I want everyone to have the opportunity to make these treats, which I can only describe as food crack), I have a really delicious recipe for all my lovely crafting ladies.. pumpkin whoopie pies, complete with cream cheese-cinnamon filling!
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It's maybe not the most sophisticated embroidery but a project I worked on for some time. It's a name book for my goddaughter's 1st birthday - each letter of her name on one page and an animal which starts with the letter (in German).

I whined a bit in the entry about the actual sewing of the book but I liked the stitching very much. I still struggle with the satin stitch and the chain stitch but hey... it was good training.

For the entry I minimized the pictures. If you want to see them bigger, let me know.

Here's Jil's Book


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