Sep. 17th, 2012

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Hey fellow crafters!!

I've been crafting just about all my life, sewing, cross stitching, drawing, painting, etc. Just about any medium I've found can be put to good use in a craft. How do people who don't craft even live?????

Anyway, I have a question that I can't seem to answer so I thought I'd put it up here. My friend and I are planning to have a booth at next year's fair to sell our items. We're keeping a record of how much we spend in material and how long it takes to make one item to keep track of what we're going to charge but one problem we can't seem to figure out. And that's how many items to make!!!

It's not a large fair, as our county is small (the fair isn't even a real county fair, just a small event put on by the town and church.) so the turnout, while pretty good for our little corner of the world, isn't as huge as the surrounding county fairs. We plan to sell church dolls, small frog sewing notions, small stuffed plushie rabbits, and pouches or baskets one can put on a walker or wheelchair to carry items. I don't want to get over-whelmed by too many different things to make even though it's next fall but I don't want to fall short either.

Can anyone who has experience in this give me a ballpark figure to shoot for?
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When I was half asleep last night, I remembered this little fortune-telling game I made as a little girl where you fold a piece of paper into this pyramid-shaped thing, and it has numbers and colors on it (I think) and you have someone pick a number or color, and when you open the right corner thingy it has an anser or fortune. Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about, and if there is a pattern online to make one? Thanks!
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HEy people of CraftGrrrrrl.

i need your help. My parents are obsessed by moose. idea besides a wooden moose sign... need something unique and off the wall for them. I can crochet, paint, and sew. help?

i did think of doing a batik quilt. with panels of moose done in batik. and flannel backed.... but i have never done a quilt before..
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I've had Halloween on my mind a lot lately, so I thought that I would do some Halloween-type crafts.
I would have made minature hats, but I need to get materials first, so the next obvious step was to make hair things.

Pictures! )

You can probably expect to see more Halloween crafts from me in the furture. I'm a little Halloween crazed, lol.


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