Sep. 25th, 2012

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Hi everybody! I'm new and wanted to start things off with a victory blog post! Nice to meet all of you!

It's been a very busy and stressful week for me! But all is well in the world once again as a ticket to go see the Big Bang Alive Tour on November 9th is sitting in my e-mail patiently waiting for me to print it out! For those who aren't into k-pop you wouldn't understand the victory that is getting your hands on a ticket to see Big Bang for the first time but for those who know!

I was up at seven in the morning to put the last five dollars of ticket money into my bank account and had to wait until nine for the bank to officially open up and take my money. Mind you, the tickets went on sale at ten o'clock on the dot and the bank was a mile and a half away from my house and I don't own a car. I ran all the way home after I got done with the bank. And no, I didn't run then stop and walk for a few minutes. I RAN!

After that ordeal I waited at my computer with shake hands and a poundung heart, raping the refresh button every few seconds. After the tickets went on sale I bought mine faster than tornado winds and had it waiting in my e-mail in under ten minutes. I didn't try for vip passes because I didn't have the money for it plus I knew it would be hell trying to get one. I was right, after I bought mine I found out that the vip passes sold out in under a minute! And the whole thing was sold out by Sunday!

Glad I bought my ticket, I ran around the house scremaing in my pajamas>_>. My little brother and sister looked at me as if I was an escaped mental patient, and I don't blame them.

Now on the flip side, with me trying to get rid of my stash of yarn and knitting and crocheting everything in sight I knitted this little diddly up in about two weeks, the scarf taking up most of my time.


I'm becoming very fond of circle scarves lately.

Anyway, after taking this picture I decided a pair of fingerless gloves would go perfect with the set. I don't have a picture just yet but I'll get it up here soon enough. So that's it for now, Happy creating everyone!


Sep. 25th, 2012 01:28 pm
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Ok, so I'm performing as a character called "Rita Book," in about 10 days and am working on my costume. I am thinking about trying to make a belt buckle out of a book, but what I really want is something like this:

Especially the one on the right. How would I make something like that? Ideas? Suggestions?
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So I like to make creepy and geeky things into cute plushies. I've been planning to make this for a while and I'm happy to say my The Silence plush is now finished. There are a few more things I'd like to tweak for future plushies of him, but I think for a first attempt, he's pretty good. Off he goes to the art show Plush You 2012 at Schmancy in Seattle.

Silence Plush

A bit more about him at my Suzannah Ashley blog.


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