Sep. 26th, 2012

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So I've been making mini protest banners and hanging them up around my city. Here's my newest one.

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Does anyone have any experience using UV Fabric paint?
I have several question and I can't find much information online and I can't find anything about the brand I have.

Mostly I am going to a rave for the first time in god 10 yrs. My roommate has never been to one and wants to go at least once before we are too old. So we are going to this Massive this weekend and we are going all out.
He wants me to paint up a design on a black shirt with UV paint. THe paint doesn't show up very well on black obviosuly. Is it still going to work or does it have to be on a white shirt? I am going to dig up a black light I think I have one to test it out but the paint was exspensive so trying not to waste it either.
Either way he doesn't want it to look like crap in normal light which right now it does. Could I use regular fabric paint so the color shows then put the UV paint over it? Or will it just be too thick and crack off?
Any suggestions would be helpfull.
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Two Plushies I made for my boss last year. He bought them for his godchildren.
They are a lot creepier than I remembered them to be. Not sure if they make good gifts for children. :x


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