Sep. 30th, 2012

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Does anyone know of a place where I can get things enlarged? Like you find a pick on the internet and you want it traced (like the teachers used do in school for their bulletin boards)?

Do craft stores like michael's or HL sell diecuts?

I am working on a project and I don't have access to large colored paper or a projector. (I'm also incredibly sick so I can't just go out looking without a purpose and know they sell it. :( )
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I was working on a lop rabbit pattern, getting it all sewed and stuffed and just when I was working on the eyes it hit me. THIS head pattern could be altered to be a fox! All I needed to do was push back the forehead a little, bring the muzzle out more, make big foxy ears and cheek patches. So I drew it all out and tried it using cheapo felt.

Man, the prototype was almost perfect! The shape, the size, just a bit of tweaking here and there with the ears and cheek patches. (Note to self, use less stuffing in cheek patches.) I was planning on getting some of the red fur material daughter gave me to work on it tomorrow but when I looked at the head from another angle it reminded me of....a fawn!

Ok, another pattern. Make the muzzle slightly longer and more squared off, increase the forehead just a bit and there it was! And danged if it ain't life-sized to boot! So instead of cutting material I think I'll spend the day making the fawn's body. Wednesday I'll go get more needed material (the fox needs black fur for legs and I think I'll make the fawn all over in brown felt. Plus stuffing!! I need stuffing!!!)

As for the bunny I'm making it some chibi eyes from felt as the buttons just don't look right. I tried them for the heck of it on the fox and it just looked like an alien! LOL

And if I make this fawn then I'll have to alter the pony pattern once more to make a mommy for it. Poor lil thing can't be along, after all!

I am on a plushie roll!!!!


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