Oct. 1st, 2012

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I was given a pile of yarn, much of it variegated, a while back. I was a new crocheter/knitter but I quickly realized that multi-colored yarn is much harder to make look nice than solids, even solids in weird colors. Looking for patterns for variegated yarn on-line brought up lots and lots of potholders. >.>

So, after many trials and much experimentation, I've come up with a few guidelines that might be helpful to other people who find themselves with some 'oh, but it looked so pretty in the store' yarn. So, er, some of my projects and probably more than anyone wants to know about variegated yarn are over here.
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Hi all!
Over the past couple months, one of my obsessions is making book clutches out of old unwanted books. They're not as cool as the   SUPER COOL ones on Etsy, but they're actually pretty handy. And since it was so fun to make, I'm holding a craft event in San Francisco, inviting people to come make book clutches with me. It's on Tuesday, October 16th from 3-5pm at the Chinatown Branch Library.

What do you think? 
(Fake Cut to my Journal for more pictures, plus tutorial and event info!)
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I couldn't help myself. Instead of studying, like a good girl should - I sit and fold. ~.~' I found these two to be incredibly cute and couldn't resist making them.

Pucca is about 440 pieces, Garu is 420~ish. She took about a day to make, while he was folded in a few hours. I used whatever animation I could find of them as reference. The umbrella is a little deformed as it was made in five minutes. Definitely a Valentine's Day type of gift though. Would make someone really happy, I'm sure. And somehow, it makes me think of Goong, lol. I have no idea why, honestly.

Hope you guys enjoy this.

PS. If anyone would like a diagram for this, I could whip one up in case anyone decides they want to try this. 
PPS. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to view and comment! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (~///~)

It's all about the cut. )
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Nice and blocked and everything!


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