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Using Variegated Yarn

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DIY Book Clutch

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Not Valentine's Day yet, but...

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Fall Knitting Has Begun

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October is National Craft Making Month

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Scarf-snowflake. circle

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yarn suggestions for beanies

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(no subject)

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Making Prints

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Dora Star Pocket

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glass paint kitchenware funtimes

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Suggestions please

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Crcohet candy corn and earbud cover

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Adventures in Handspinning

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Black Wool

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October Blog & Project Planner

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Three animated beading tutorials about herringbone weaving

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Stretchy Bracelets--Appropriate Beads?

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(no subject)

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this is the end

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Zombie Girl!

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Crow Or Raven Nevermore Pendant

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Halloween crafts part 1 - treat bags

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Fabric help, please!

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lightfast microglitter query

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Letraset fixing advice anyone?

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Winter Knitting

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(no subject)

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Uranium Zombies from Chernobyl

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Empty liquor bottles