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So I thought I would share my latest duct tape bag!

I work at a labor archive, and one of my co-workers had her birthday. She is also a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Check it out! )

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I'm looking to customise a pair of flats to create something similar to this design:


I'm thinking getting a nice, sturdy pair of flats and then making the wings as separate pieces and attaching them to the sides of the shoes. I would very much like suggestions for materials for the wings: what would would well, what should I avoid at all costs, and how to keep the wings from bending or sagging. I can picture how to construct the wings, but I would certainly appreciate any tips that you might be able to give me, and I would really like advice on how to attach them to the shoes in a nice, stable way (I don't want them wobbling and flopping around when I walk, or falling off and getting lost).

More detailed pic of the wings under the cut )
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This is my first time posting after much lurking. : )  I am wanting to use ye olde Mod Poge to cover flat metal pieces as are used in stamping with paper prints. I haven't done decoupage in *years* and never in this sort of application. Any pitfalls I should watch out for? Many thanks in advance for your help!
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I need to attach some velcro to kevlar (for safety gear purposes). The instructions for the various pieces recommend using a good quality super glue and to touch it up as necessary. Are there any glues that you would recommend specifically for attaching hard things to clothing (that will endure sweat and machine washing and pulling etc)?
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A couple of years ago when my grandpa died we threw together a couple "photo" boards - old photos on a piece of foam core.

I think we just used a regular glue stick, but the old photos are on more of a paper paper than a glossy photo paper.

Anyway, I want them off the foam core and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to remove/loosen the glue that won't ruin the photos - maybe warming or a slight steam or....?

Any ideas?
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I'm glueing very small rhinestones to small plastic clips and trying to only use a drop of glue but I still get that white film and it really shows up on the black clips.
Is there any way to avoid this when using crazy glue? I'm using the gel by the way though both kinds seem to leave a film.
Is there some other glue I could try? Contact cement perhaps or will it also have that white residue? Glue gun glue wont be strong enough. I opted for crazy glue for strength and the tiny nozzle.

Please help!
Thanks :)
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I tried the "This to that" but there was no choice for Photos. (Wow, I haven't posted in like a year!!)

anyway, i recently was invited to set up a booth at a craft fair. this would be my first ever! I haven't even made any crafts in almost a year, besides some random gifts, because i've been focusing so much on my photography

so i've decided besides doing polymer clay crafts, i want to bring my photography into my crafting. i have a couple boxes of acid free/lignen free envelopes and blank cards that i bought years ago and never did anything with. i want to print out my photos (professionally, on archive quality paper) and attach them to the front of the cards

i'd originally thought about using photo corners, but i want them to stay on really well and maybe be able to be framed later

so what kind of glue can i use that wont make the photo to wet or ruin it, and won't break it down over time..but will stick!

would an acid-free glue stick be enough?
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What is the best type of glue for gluing rhinestones onto a cellphone?

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I want to line a drawer of a wooden night stand with some vintage fabric I have. Any suggestions as to what type of glue to use? I have a variety at home, just wondering if anyone had done this and what they used.

Thanks in advance Craftgrrls!
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Hi, I'm new to the community. I got linked here via Boingboing to the FSM dildo cover and became intrigued. I'm a traditional crafty sort, my biggest project right now is spinning black and green alpaca for my father-in-law for Christmas (he's allergic to wool = new learning experience for me).

I wanted to throw this out there in case anyone found it helpful it's called Glue-It-to-it and it's run by Michael's Crafts. Just tell it what two materials you are trying to glue together and it suggests what kind of glue to use. You can even tell it to pick something "kid-friendly" which I think means washes off easily.

Give it a shot:

I'll try to post pics of my projects in the future, it'll be nice to share them with people.
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I have a question.. what kind of glue do you use? I only have wood glue and rubber cement.. I know rubber cement get all acidic over time.. what acid free glues can i use? anyone know?
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Have you ever tried a glue called "Yes!"

This stuff is the bomb! A friend of mine who owns an art store sends me a freebie once in a while to "road test" before he stocks it, and he sent me a huge tub of the stuff 2 years ago. I never really used it because it's just not practical in classes of 25-40 middle schoolers (you gotta spread it with a stick) but I just decided to try it for my own personal use (altered book/ scrapbooks) This stuff is the bomb! It's been sitting on a shelf for 2 years, and it's still pliable. It doesn't wrinkle your paper, and you can use it to bond just about anything. The only thing I couldn't get it to work on was plastic paper-rope... you know the stuff you unroll and use like cornhusks? But it did stick just about everything else, and it makes beautiful book-bindings. They seem to be pretty sturdy, too.

Anyway, if you can find it, try it. I am going to call this guy and tell him how much I love this glue. I feel bad for not giving it more of a chance the first time.
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There's a magic substance out there in the world somewhere, but I don't know what it's called or where to find it and I want it.

It is a rubbery kind of stuff that sticks credit cards to paper or cardstock, advertisements to the cover of phone books and those are the main ways I've seen it used.

The cards and ads come cleanly away from it and it can be pulled off the surface of whatever it's put on. When you pull it off it is kind of stretchy and looks like a booger.

I want some, but I don't know what I should be asking for. The closest thing I've seen to it are Glue Dots, but those look like they are for permanent attachments.

All ideas, musings, etc. are extremely welcome. Thanks!
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Does anyone know of a glue that works well with Vellum? everything i've tried makes the vellum look weird. I think brads would work, but what about glue?

And, has anyone used the glue called "Yes!" if so, does it work good? no lumps or anything?

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Hello all:) I starting making a collage on my wall of just random things that most people would normally throw away, but for some reason I can't...such as movie ticket stubs, tickets from attractions, certain receipts, and other little things like that. I want to transfer everything to a canvas so that when I move it will be easier to take and I can keep it to treasure forever, haha. So my question is, should I use tape or glue to put everything onto the canvas? I haven't worked with them before so I don't know how it'll go. This is also an ongoing project- I don't have enough stuff to cover the whole canvas now, this way here, I can keep adding to it when I have something new to put on. So tape, glue, or something else to get it all together? Any tips or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Question about marble magnets. Yeah, another one.

But I did check the FAQ.

The glue I bought is e6000 and I was just wondering if you REALLY need to let it set for 10 minutes before pressing together it together?

Simple as that.
Thanks in advance and such.
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I just wanted to make a specific post about This to That so I could put it in the faq under "adhesives". It's a site that is specifically devoted to glues and what to use to glue this to that.

I definitely think we get enough questions on gluing things to start it's own section.
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because i really know nothing about various glues available, i'm wondering if anyone can help.

you know the glue that they use to glue little samples onto magazine pages? it's kinda gummy and you can pull it off without wrecking the page?

does anyone know where to get glue like that? what kinda glue is it?

i'm making a wedding card for a friend and i really want to make marble magnets that spell out their names and glue them onto the card, but i don't want the card to be ruined when they take them off, nor do i want the magnets to have paper stuck on the back.

any ideas?
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Hi, I need help with how to turn a book into a ... just kidding.

What's the best kind of glue/glue concoction for sticking paper together? I use a glue stick, but that doesn't work so well for shiny-sided paper. I go too gung ho with white glue, and that makes the paper wrinkle. I've tried rubber cement, but it doesn't seem to be very permanent. I love the adhesiveness of spray adhesive, but *wheeeeze*. Someone told me they use a white glue and water mixture, but I forgot the recipe. This is mostly for magazine clippings, regular paper, cardstock, other paper products for [livejournal.com profile] mailart and collages.

Speaking of mail art and collages, does anyone out there have any online galleries they can direct me to for inspiration?

Thanks for any help!
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(ive poured through the FAQ but just in case i missed it i apologize)

ive seen those pins and brooches and whatnot of orange slices and various other fruits and i was wondering what the best sealer to use would be? im not wanting to preserve fruit exactly but actually bits of candy. would a regular spray on acrylic sealer work?


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