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Totally new here, and I feel a bit weird posting something so simple, but hopefully it's cute.

I made this necklace for my 4 year old niece's dance recital as a little gift of congratulations.

Peyton's necklace

Directions behind the cut )
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I'm most known for my Tree of Life pendants and one of my most popular has been something a little different; my Halloween Moon tree. This bare-branches piece features an orange moon peaking out from behind black wire trunk and branches. Recently, I made two additional versions - one in silver with a white moon and one in silver with a blue moon. This rounds out a full moon "trilogy" if you will. I love how they look.

So, for the contest, I thought I'd share my tree trilogy with the group. :)

Once In A Blue Moon + Under A Full Moon + Under A Halloween Moon
(click image for larger version)

Thoughts welcome!

Edit to add: More info on them can be found on my blog HERE.
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The last couple of weeks I've been doing a lot of beading again. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of in-progress shots for these, or I'd do a tutorial. I may wind up making a bunch more so that I can do one, 'cause these are so much fuuuuuuun. This entry is VERY image-heavy.

follow the white rabbit! )
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Yeah, I just want one more entry into the contest.  Don't hate me for wanting more chances at free schtuff!

This time up?


No, not the dinobot.  The felt stegosaurus.

Three pics )
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I haven't shown this off here (yet) and figured now that there's a contest going on I might as well (I worry about spamming here, so I don't post every little thing I do).

One pic, sparkly octopus! )
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Hi, my name is Yelena, I am from Russia. I've been watching the community with great interest, and here is my first post. I knitted a cupcake hat for my 10 months old baby girl. Here it is

Here it is... )

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My first attempt at making a bracelet in about 8 years.  

Easy to make.

Three kinds of beads.  Beading wire.  Crimping beads, Clasp and jump rings.

Cut wire about 4 inches longer than you think you need it.   Better too much than not enough.
Put Scotch tape on one end... this keeps the beads from going off one end.

Before you start stringing... put the beads on a cloth in the pattern you want.  This makes it so much easier.

String beads.   Run wire through the clasp and then run wired through crimping bead.  I usually thread wire back
through a couple of beads (like burying the thread when you cross stitch).

Crimp wire close to clasp.  Trim extra wire off that end.  Repeat on other end of bracelet.  

I added an extra jump ring to my other end because I was having a hard time getting the clasp to catch. The extra
space did the trick.

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Here is my Entry to the new contest on Crafts . . .

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I hosted an Inside the Envelope Swap on Tennessee Stampers Yahoo Group.  The only guideline was that we had to use paper that came from a security envelope for part of the project.  You know those envelope we get from the bank and credit card companies... This bird was punched from the inside of one of those.  So this was a recycle swap of sorts.

ATC of Bird


BIRD:  You will need a security envelope... I used one I'd gotten in the mail from the bank.  Use Stampin Up Bird Punch to punch bird and branch out of the security envelope. Those envys have the coolest patterns.

Use black ink to shade the edge of the bird and wing. Attach wing to bird with a pop dot so that the wing is raised.

ATC (Artist Trading Card):  

Hot Pink paper cut 3.5 x 2.5.    
Black paper cut 3.25 x 2.25.   Emboss black paper using  Texture Fades Embossing Folder By Tim Holtz: Dot Matrix  and the Big Shot.

Circle of Words:

Stamp in black Hope Will Give you Wings by Cat's Life Press on security envelope.   Punch out with 1" punch.
Punch 1.25 circle from pink paper.

This one just has a dot for the eye.  Some I did had a tiny jewel for the eye.  That gave them a little more bling.
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Howdy folks :)

I've been keeping most of my crochet crafts to [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet, but in light of the contest and the fact that maybe a few of my fellow hookers are here and not there, I thought I'd share my summer tote pattern.

I'm really digging these hobo-shaped bags that are so popular right now with crocheted totes, and wanted a summer bag with a nautical feel so I created this pattern.

Hey, Sailor!

*note* You could totally change this into an old-glory inspired tote with a (few) star applique(s)! It only took me a few days to complete so you could absolutely have it done in time for the 4th of July!

This is a free pattern/tutorial for the Beginner to Intermediate crocheter and it's available on my lj if you want to give it a try! I tried my best to explain the cable detailing but feel free to drop me a line if you get confused and I'll do my best to explain!

Want to make your own? Follow me ... All aboard!

Contest #1

Jun. 1st, 2012 03:42 am
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Here's the deal, 'til 6/15/12 @11:59 pm cst we'll be running a little contest over on our FB page. To enter you make a craft and post it over here on [livejournal.com profile] craftgrrl (so you have to be a member!), then go over to the FB page and post the link to your craft in the comments of the contest pic.
I'm going to toss everyones names in a jar and on 6/16 a winner will be randomly chosen by toddler.

What could you win?? $20 gift card to the craft store of the winners choice provided that the card can be bought online.

You can "enter" as many times as you like and as an added bonus if you write a tutorial or pattern to go along with your craft you'll get two additional entries. (so I will toss your name in the jar 3 times for one post! - because tutes are awesome!)
If you don't have time to participate this time have no fear! We'll be running contests all this summer! Also for the LJ only peeps I'll make sure to have a contest or two over here for ya'll. Stay Tuned!

Any questions comment here or email me: ilea@livejournal.com

Congrats to our winner [livejournal.com profile] madame_ugly!


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