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Hi all!
Over the past couple months, one of my obsessions is making book clutches out of old unwanted books. They're not as cool as the   SUPER COOL ones on Etsy, but they're actually pretty handy. And since it was so fun to make, I'm holding a craft event in San Francisco, inviting people to come make book clutches with me. It's on Tuesday, October 16th from 3-5pm at the Chinatown Branch Library.

What do you think? 
(Fake Cut to my Journal for more pictures, plus tutorial and event info!)
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Hi all,
It's the librarian from San Francisco again. This time we're teaching people how to make these cute little lotus flowers out of paper and tiny beads. The program is open to everyone who can attend. It will be on Thursday, August 9, 2012 from 3:30 - 5:00 pm at the Chinatown Branch of the San Francisco Public Library.
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I hope this is allowed, I didn't see anything banning it in the FAQ, but if it isn't, I apologize and please delete this.

I'm a librarian in San Francisco, California and as part of our Summer Reading Program, we're holding a program teaching people how reuse old sweaters to make fingerless gloves. It will be on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 2-4pm at the Chinatown Branch.

fingerless gloves
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If you're interested and in the area, please feel free to attend! This program is free and open to everyone able to attend. Registration is required though.
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Do these happen? I checked the tags and didn't see anything, but I would love to meet some like-minded crafting girls! Anyone interested? I do a lot of sewing, vintage stuff, and paper craft, and I'm in Baltimore.


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