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Join me in the NaCraMaMo challenge! Work on a craft project every day in October, and post pictures of your progress in [livejournal.com profile] nacramamo.

Here's the project that started off my NaCraMaMo:

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Hi all.

Couple days ago, I posted pictures of a bracelet that I've made. I'm not wearing necklaces, but I like to wear jewelries in set. That's why I usually make earrings matched with a bracelet.

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I made these earrings recently, my first pair, and I'd like some constructive criticism please! So far all the feedback I've had are "they're cute", which isn't that helpful (but nice to hear!) Knitted earrings (and beaded earrings) are something that I'd like to pursue but I don't know how to make them look professional and not something you make at camp.

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I haven't crafted much in the past 15 months or so; I've been crafting, then caring for, twin daughters. Now that they are a less bosom-dependent, and don't have to be held every minute of the day, and are happy being with other people, I may find some time to craft again.

The babies went out with DaddyGB today, so I had several hours of no-babies time. I decided to tackle one of my UFOs - Un-Finished Objects. I spent some time trying to figure out what I had been planning to do with it! It looked like I really didn't have all that much to do to finish, but it took a surprisingly long time. My supplies aren't currently as organized as I like, and my skills are definitely rusty.
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Hi girls, it's me again xD Hopefully this is allowed here.. I just wanted to share a series I write for my blog since a couple of months now: "DIY from head to toe", as write in the introduction >> here <<, it's about "weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly".

I posted the 12th episode on Wednesday, neon themed:

You can click on the pic to take a look, hope you'll like it :)
Have a nice w/e!!
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Hey grrls! Could you help me brainstorm ideas for turning a clip-on type earring into a "standard" earring? My friend came to me for help and I'm not quite sure.

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So I bought two of these adorable black elephant beads a week ago with the plan to make a pair of dangle earrings out of them. Once I got them home, however, I realized they were drilled tail to trunk, rather than top to bottom, and now I don't know what to do with them! I think they'd look silly hanging from their tails!

If I had more I'd make a bracelet, but I just have the two and the store I bought them at is over an hour and a half away from me. I don't make a lot of jewelry, so I was hoping that some of you wonderful, brilliant craftgrrls could offer me design suggestions or other ideas on how to use these beads.

The beads are 16mm long by 11mm high.

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I was given three lovely pairs of earrings,  but unfortunately I don't have my ears pierced.   However, I'm determined to get some use out of them!  Is there anything I can do with them (other than removing the hook, adding a jump ring, and making it a necklace pendant)?

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I have this box I painted a long time ago. With a few adjustments I figured I could in into my plug box!

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May. 29th, 2009 10:40 am
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Is this really my first time posting? Well I guess you could say I am a straight up craftgrrl because i am a metalsmith... but since I am away from the studio for the summer... i got back to my real craft roots!

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Soylent Mekayla
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Hey everyone! This is my first post, but it's for something that was made for me instead of by me that I wanted to show off. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and earrings soooooooo...
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I want espresso maker (moka pot?) earrings, since I saw them on a girl in a Pedro Almodovar movie. I'm not having any luck on etsy. Anybody seen charms or pendants that I can turn into earrings? Let me know, thanks! :D

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[Haha, two posts in a row. The Olympics is good for my productivity.] 

So I'll explain this one a bit:It was driving me crazy that my earrings had no place to be.
I had them on this plastic Choxie truffle box but it kept falling over, which was annoying.
I saw people dressing up corkboards with quilt batting and fabric on HGTV (a new semi-obsession of mine) but not having any cork tiles handy and really not wanting to spend any money, I decided to use what I had to make a jewelry hanger. 
Whoo-hoo scavenger hunt!

I found light cardboard from an old granola bar box, "S"-shaped packing peanuts, and a glue gun.
I also have like ten pounds of lace, so there was plenty of that to use.
Then I scoured my fabrics and chose this:

I linked the packing peanuts in rows and glued them to the cardboard.
Then I pulled a layer of cotton batting and the fabric over the whole thing and glued it down as well.
I fit the square in an old puzzle box (with a cover for traveling).

Didn't cost me a dime and I love how it looks.

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Hello everyone! I've been lurking for a while and being inspired by everyone! The main things I do are sewing and cross-stitch, but I've had a go at many different crafts with varying degrees of success! Recently I got a bee in my bonnet about trying to make some beaded jewellery, so equipped with several books and half the contents of my local bead shop I made these!

earrings on felt
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May. 10th, 2008 11:05 pm
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Summer vacations have finally arrived for me, and that means more time to craft!
Here's some jewelry I made during the spring...

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Some necklaces I made recently

Pink wire, white glass seed beads, skull pendant is from a pair of earrings I bought at Claires
Thanks for looking (^_^)
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I'm so in love with everyone's craftiness lately. I wish I could draw and sew as good as all of you! :P

<3 <3 <3 <3

Hopefully you guys think my jewelry skills are okay...ooo, and I've tried to take better pictures too :)

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hey all!
i've been working on some various crafts over break and i thought i would share, since i post very infrequently. t-shirts, earrings, vintage dress, vinyl bag!
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