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Hello everyone!

I've never posted here before so I thought to introduce myself I would share a scarf that I finished making last night. Its a birthday gift for my mom next month and she loves dark reds and burgundies.

There was no pattern which was new for me, I just sat down and started playing with stitches. In the end I settled on 20 rows of single crochet at each end and an uncounted amount of half double crochets for the main body of the scarf. I had to google how to add fringe but besides that it was all me! :) /proud

Ignoring the fringe its 60 inches long. Also, this is my first scarf. I normally just make afghans and blankets. I almost feel like a knitter or something, making a wearable lol ;)

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So, with Christmas not being far away (100 SLEEP'S PEOPLE!) i've desided to make homemade/personal gifts this year. So fair i've made Microwave Heating Pad's, Fabric Frame's and Teacup Candle's
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It's maybe not the most sophisticated embroidery but a project I worked on for some time. It's a name book for my goddaughter's 1st birthday - each letter of her name on one page and an animal which starts with the letter (in German).

I whined a bit in the entry about the actual sewing of the book but I liked the stitching very much. I still struggle with the satin stitch and the chain stitch but hey... it was good training.

For the entry I minimized the pictures. If you want to see them bigger, let me know.

Here's Jil's Book
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2012-08-19 19.13.44

2012-08-19 19.12.53

I created this cross stitch using this amazing online tool.

It measures 10" wide and is backed with unbleached cotton.

The text is an excerpt from an E. E. Cummings poem.
 I've used autumnal colours as it's for an October birthday. It's for a good friend's two year old daughter - something tells me mum is going to enjoy it more than the recipient! 

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2012-08-18 10.35.31

Just completed this cross stitch for our nerdy friends who are getting married later this year :o)

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One of my best friends is beginning teaching in the fall and for her birthday I wanted to send her a package of teachers goodies. I think she'll be teaching elementary/middle school math.

Does anybody have any good recommendations of craft supplies good for the new teacher? She's a pretty crafty gal, and I know that she will probably do that kind of stuff in the classroom setting too.

I was going to get some basics (chalk, dry erase, etc.) but if anyone has anything in mind that would be really special, please comment.

As a reward, I will post some construction details/tutorial for my duct tape purses!
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lovely illustration for our company packaging label was created by the wonderful artist Dan Bereznitsky – who happens to be my nephew!
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Hi girls!
I made this little thing this w/e and wanted to share it with you. Nothing fancy but you'll surely earn some smiles with it :D

Click on the pic to read the minitutorial and some more infos :)
Have a nice Sunday!
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I sewed up some French lavender sachets and tucked them into a matching gift bag this morning.

Mother's Day Gift 001

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Hey all you brilliant crafters and imaginative dreamers,

I'm going to be hosting a women's retreat weekend in a few weeks and while we have the theme picked out, the day's itinerary planned, and decorations figured out, I and my partners in crime are struggling with figuring out what to put in the goodie bags and what to do for a couple of the crafts/activities. So I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had some brainstorming ideas I could use.

The theme is "Around the World in 80 days - Steampunk style" and we'll be going with the concept of Victorian/Steampunk world adventurers/travelers. We'll spend the day out along the Wharf area of San Francisco and back to my place for dinner, dessert and crafts/activities.

Each guest will get a goodie bag, a passport to be stamped off at the various "countries", travel vouchers, and whatever crafts they make.

I'm looking for ideas of things to go into the goodie bags, and ideas for the craft/activities part of the evening. I'm already going to give everyone tea and a steampunk pendant but the bags are looking kind of wimpy.

The evening's craft/activities section we've got ideas for so far: bellydancing and Mendi for India, Asian coin charms for China, Origami for Japan, Tea and dessert for England, and Trivia quesitons for New York.

But we're clueless for crafts/activities for France, Morocco, and Africa.

Other requirements -
Free or disgustingly cheap is preferred
Quick and easy to make (I'm filling between 12 and 18 bags and am a full time college student)
Things with a Goth or Steampunk bent are highly preferred.
Because of the number of dietary requirements several of the attendees have, I'd like to avoid food items.
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Hey guys, this is my first post here. I had a lot of spare bracelets and ribbons that I found recently, and I decided to make a dreamcatcher for my friend from inpatient treatment. I'm going to mail it today, and just wanted to share with you all! (although it's not very good!) I hope you like :)

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I very much like to make a nice presentation when I give a gift, and I have come to love simple rustic wrapping. Using general kraft paper and jute from the dollar store is inexpensive, gender neutral, and gifts can be decorated for just about any occasion.

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I've been seeing pictures of these all over pinterest and really wanted to make one for my crafty little sister!

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I made this tonight as a gift for my best friend's upcoming baby. I haven't drawn anything in many years and have never been good at it, but this was a satisfying experiment. I have been thinking for a few months about how to incorporate this Bob Dylan verse into some kind of baby gift for her and her husband. (It's a few lines from the great Forever Young. My friend and her husband are both bananas for folk music, and this song is the sweetest wish ever for a new person in the world, so it seemed like a good fit.) I was thinking about doing some kind of paper cut, but couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to do or how. Then I happened across this on Pinterest and felt inspired by the wavy lines of text and the graphics interspersed with the text, so I appropriated those ideas and went to town. (If anyone knows who did that work, by the way, I'd love to credit them properly! UPDATE: The original work is by libre_versalita of Flickr!) I don't know how these kinds of posters are actually created... probably using Photoshop? But like a chump, I did mine by hand with a Sharpie pen and watercolour paper:


A few close-ups under here... )

I also handcut the mat for the frame! I feel very craft-capable tonight.

Like a dummy, I made this for someone who lives in California. Jeez. How am I going to mail it without it smashing into a million pieces?
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I did these for all those hard to shop for people that I just end up getting gift cards for. They worked out really well, I just used scrapbook paper and a knitting needle instead of a paper scorer.

The pattern is from Heather Bailey.

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I'm making aprons for the ladies this holiday, but my brother is darn good cook too.
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My extended family has exploded with children over the last few years and now I have 15 children under the age of six that I'm shopping for. Because I'm hoping to eat during the month of December, I'm trying for handmade gifts this year.


Does anyone have any suggestions for non-sewn handmade gifts for young children?

I started by making some rhyming storybooks about some of the older ones. Then I wrote some lullabies for the youngest ones. It's the ones in the middle that are giving me the most problem (the 18 month/2 yr olds), since they're not quite ready for books, but a little too big for lullabies.

I was thinking of making some classic wooden blocks with personalized images woodburned on the sides but I'm not sure if wooden blocks will do more damage than good to small children.

Any help would be great! Thanks so much!


Mar. 8th, 2009 11:58 am
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ok, sorry this is going to be text only but i'll make it brief.

March 20th is me and my bf's 2 year anniversary and i wanna make him something. (bf is in icon) question is, any suggestions? you guys can suggest anything. [maybe you guys can tell/show me what you made for your bf/hubby as gifts in the past....]

here's a lil bit about him:
+ computer nerd (he builds computers)
+ loves ska music
+ will be 21 in May
+ biggg Washington Redskins fan
+ xbox 360 dork
+ loves going to hardcore shows
+ likes chillin with friends and having a beer [underage, i know.]

doesn't like:
- cards (like greeting cards. he throws them out after a few days.)
- overly extravagant stuff
- useless gifts [i.e. cards, figurines, etc.]
- anything to do with scrapbooking [thinks its a waste of pics.]

Thanks in advance!!!!!

ETA: i forgot to mention what skills i possess.
~ sewing
~ knitting [though big projects take forever.]
~ basic cut and glue
~ very lil crochet
~ painting
~ collage
~ multimedia [both computer based and real life media]
~ drawing
~ jewelry making
~ && whatever i already have the supplies for.

i don't wanna limit myself though. i'll try anything as long as i don't need to buy a lot of stuff.
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I made my husband a Valentine tonight!

I got the idea off of Craftster.

This was so easy, and took about $3 to make!

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 I just made some cards for my friends and family and am quite happy with them :)
So I thought I'd stop lurking around the community and actually post them!

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