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I spent last night customizing a pirate hat, for a steampunk-y pirate costume I'm working on! :)

The hat went from a generic fancy dress brown hat, to.... This:

Here's a comparison of the hat before and after I had my way with it. )

And for those curious, here is my quick-and-messy concept smush for the full costume :)
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I'm back up and running, crocheting my little life away. I probably should've started early-Summer, but better late than never. Breaking out my crochet hooks reminds me so much of Fall and Winter, I'm catching some type of longing for cool-weather & the crafts that go along with it.

I made this hat for a close friend; I made Jordan channel his inner Deadmau5 to get the vibe for the photos ;)

Questions or comments, email me at jerricajaneen@gmail.com
Deadmau5 Hat:


Two more pictures! )
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Check out the hats I made!


When making anything panda related I have a really hard time not making them in a different color each time... XD
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Hi, my name is Yelena, I am from Russia. I've been watching the community with great interest, and here is my first post. I knitted a cupcake hat for my 10 months old baby girl. Here it is

Here it is... )

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In honor of Where the Wild Things Are, I made a hat similar to Max's to wear to midnight showing of the movie!!

I found the lovely pattern and tutorial here,
i made a few minor tweaks, I didn't make wiskers because I didn't want to poke anyone, and I used pop sickle sticks in the ears to keep them upright.

I have a few more photos on my blog

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I thought I would post a couple of things I made lately. Some knitted baby items and a card I made. Let's see if I can remember the code to cut. :)Click here )


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