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So I have a wide variety of types of crafts under my belt, but one thing I've always wanted to do was general molding and being able to reproduce one object. I also happened to love the glitter pendants in resin and wanted to do that at some point as well. Well this weekend I have been taking the plunge and starting to invest some time and money into a new craft... always a big production! I'm so excited about it though, I've already made and reproduced two molds so far.


These are all made out of resin that was cast from original sculpts I made with fimo. Then I painted them with acrylic paint, the yoko skull has been glazed with clear nail polish though I may use other things as glaze in the future. The yoko skull I'll be making into a hair clip a la the character's accessory and the dekus... well I'd like to make them pendants for a necklace and/or just an interesting little bauble you could hang from the wall. Anyway Im having super fun with the resin, I'm sure to run out of this stuff soon with how eager I am to play with it XD
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I'm trying my hand at resin molding.... wait, let me back up:

I'm fervently excited about decorating my fish tank. Far more excited than one rightly should be. But I'm finding that many of the things that I want to put in there aren't in the aisle at PetsMart or the local aquarium depot, and otherwise hard to find on the small scale needed to fit in the tank. So I've decided to create my own, by casting them out of resin. I've watched tutorials on the Internet about casting fake gems and such, which are only one sided, but I want to create three-dimensional pieces. My first idea was to carve what I wanted to create out of wax, coat with sculpty clay, and place in the oven to both harden the clay and melt the wax (which would escape through holes in the bottom of the clay: voila, three-dimensional one-use mold. Then I'd just pour in the resin compound through the holes and let it harden.

The problem with above method, so far, is carving the wax. I've taken candles and melted them down, poured them into a slab to harden, and then tried to carve, but it always breaks.

So. Any suggestions? Is the another, proven way to cast (that would be cost effective)? Or a way to make my method work?
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I paint it on the top of my wooden paddle and sides with a paint brush, then when I come back two days later, it's spread to the bottom of the paddle and now my news paper is epoxied to the wood. Also as it dries sometimes it dries thinner in spots than in others, even when I have tried to coat evenly.

Is the Epoxy spreading to the bottom side, because I painted the sides too, is that how it managed to spread onto the bottom, even when it wasn't painted there??

And what about the un even drying, even though it was spread evenly before drying?
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hey guys, i've been reading up on resign as a i have a few ideas i want to implement.

i want to cast things into completely round spheres of resin. i'm assuming i need to make a mold for this, but the only mold making experience i have is with plaster. would plaster be okay to make resin molds from? if not, what is? thanks!

resin molds

Aug. 9th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Hey everyone,

Just wondering where I could find some square resin molds? I have checked Michael's but couldn't find any. Thanks in advance!
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Hey all. I had planned on using either resin or a type of glaze in a thick plastic container and was about to purchase some when I thought "Wait a minute... aren't most molds for resin made of plastic?! OH NO!" So, will resin or a type of glaze (not Diamond Glaze, since I need this to be waterproof but something similar) adhere to the plastic or will it end up popping out? If I rough it up with sandpaper will it adhere better? Or am I the only person in the world who actually wants resin to adhere to plastic instead of getting resin off of it so I will never get an answer? :)

Also, has anyone used Krylon Triple Thick Liquid Clear Glaze before for an application similar to what you would use resin or Diamond Glaze for? I saw some at my local craft store and I was intrigued, but I don't remember if it's waterproof so maybe that's a bust, too.
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Alright, I need some advice from all you crafty types. The topic for today is twofold (perhaps even trifold). That is to say, I need to ask about two different things that are, at least to my uses, related. XD So even if you can't help on the first part, you might be able to help me on the second! Anyway.

tl;dr = I need Sculpy and Resin Casting advice. )
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Guys, I'm sorry, but I know that there was a wonderful tutorial about casting resin that someone posted on here a few months ago. I've checked the memories, and I used LJ seek, but I just can't find it!
Anyone know what I'm talking about? Did I dream it?


Nov. 25th, 2008 03:26 pm
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Hello, I'm planning to make dome dogtags for my dog (who has more than fifteen collars, cough). I thought I'd try resin, but I'm having some troubles.

Halp D: )
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Okay craftgrrls, here is Lesson #2.  Casting Backwards......
Here is lesson one: community.livejournal.com/craftgrrl/11892866.html#cutid1
By this point you should be familiar with the basics of resin.

Disclaimer: Although this is a low odor project, it is not a 100% vapor free project.  Please make sure you have adequate ventilation by opening a window and pointing a fan towards it.  Also, if you can please invest in a vapor mask.  Not a particulate mask, a vapor mask.  This product is a skin irritant.  Please wear gloves!  Please be aware of kids, pets and other people in the house.  Please read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) enclosed inside the package.  DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS GET INTO THIS PROJECT!!!!

This way please.... )

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Hello craftgrrls!!  I am back, but this time with a resin tutorial!  I know there are a lot of craftgrrls (and guys!!) who want to try resin but are scared, intimidated or whatever.  I love this stuff, its so versatile!!  I'd like you to take a jump with me......

Into the land of resin! )
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Okay, so I poured some more resin...I've been a bit, uhm, obsessed lately.  The last batch I made, came out horrible...So I thought, hmm..lets make something different.....

NSFW!! )
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Hi. I'm looking for a guide on how to make something like what I have under the LJ cut. I don't really know much about crafts, so any help would be appreciated. I do know the girl who made this said she used resin, but I don't really understand what that means. Along with resin, everything inside of it is from a cd booklet that has been cut up. The closest craft store to me is Hobby Lobby. I'd appreciate it if a rough estimate of prices could be given for supplies (sans cd booklet).

Read more... )
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I'm interested in making some pendants using resin and i've looked through the memories but all the supply recommendations seem to be US based.

Is there anyone here from the UK who could recommend what kind of resin I should buy and where I could buy it?

Thank you :)
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Okay... here goes... I have a dead spider that I want to embed in resin. After poking around the memories I am even more confused. 

I have less than a week to get it into resin before it dries out.
I have liquid latex at my disposal for a mold, should I need it.
I am hoping for a solid drop of resin with the spider, clear on top and bottom, nothing else (stones/glitter/etc)
I am hoping that drilling a hole to make it a pendant will be a last resort.

Soooo... any recommendations/tips on type of acrylic/brand and what to do for a mold?


probably xposted
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Question: does anyone know if i can 'paint' resin onto some wood pendants im making to coat and soften the edges a bit? the brushes i use are natural hairs, but can i use plastic as well? im SO new to resin!

(i searched the memories and found nothing on this technique, only posts about casting with molds.)

***EDIT*** also, can you put resin over solder? the lead free solder.

also, i bought a container of castn craft resin. i can't get the seal under the cap to lift off. it's metal. does anyone know how id go about doing this? i feel like such a dork!!!!


a pic of a necklace that i made:


and another one... all hematite 'fingers' and the rest of the beads are glass.


thanks so much.
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Clear Cast Resin or any kind of resin that's strong enough basically that I can make big things for props like swords/weapons and the like.

I wanted to get some pretty colours going through it and thought this might be the community to ask.

For a weapon much like this one link
or one that looks like an icicle like this one

I was wondering on how to work it. If I trapped a lighter coloured resin inside dark resin or (lightly painted clay inside the darker coloured resin) would it show through because in the first prop it looked like the outside hue is a little darker than the blue streaks on the inside? Or are there any ideas that people can suggest or techniques that have been tried before?

Thanks in advance. =3
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Hello all,
I hadn't finished anything in a bit, but had a looming deadline for the La Superette craft show that sparked my creativity.

more brooch-tastic stuff behind the cut )


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