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Hey Craftgrrls (and guys!). I'm a long time community lurker but this is my first post.

Basically, my boyfriend is a huge fan of the game Darksouls. He's a big fan of the character Sif; a large wolf who eternally guards his master's tomb and carries a large sword with him.

My boyfriend has a dog (an American Eskimo) and has said before he'd like to have a plush sword toy for her to play with so he can take pictures of her as Sif.

Now, I'm not amazing at sewing (I'm really new to it), and I'd be hand sewing the project, but I'd like to try to make one. I've made flat teddy bears before, so I figure something basic like that would be okay. I've done some searching for inspiration and haven't been able to find any patterns for plush swords that I've really liked. Could anybody point me in the direction of sewing resources that could help me get on my way?

Beyond the Cut are Reference Pics )
I figure I won't be able to do the different patterns on the handle of the sword, but if I could get the basic shape of the sword itself, I'd be super happy. And of course, I'll post the finished product here!
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Ever since I made those lovely wrist bands for a costume, I realized that sewing with a machine is really, really fun! So, I decided that I want to do more sewing projects and eventually be proficient enough to make bodices, Victorian overskirts/underskirts, etc.

I'm making a romper. I found a very easy pattern and instructions here: http://site.fabricworm.com/Bandeau_Romper_Tutorial.pdf">http://site.fabricworm.com/Bandeau_Romper_Tutorial.pdf

1. I found a really cute cherry blossom brocade fabric, but I know brocade has to be serged. I only have a Brother sewing machine ( LS2125i). I know I can do zig zag stitches in place of serging and overstitches, but do I zig zag after I've cut out the pattern, but before I sew the pieces together? And should I use 1/4th seam allowance, or a smaller one?

2. Rotary cutters. I can't cut straight for the life of me. I have a pair but should I get a small one for cutting curves and the like? Small things like notches, I'll use a scissor for.

3. How long did it take you to get proficient at sewing? I know there are some easy Truly Victorian patterns out there, but I want to get the hang of patterns before I attempt something like a bodice.
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Inspired by one of the comments on the earlier post about interesting cross stitch patterns, I checked out urbanthreads.com and now I'm dying to get a machine that could do that kind of embroidery.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good sewing machine that can take those kinds of files, or any machines that would be best to stay away from? About how much would I be looking at spending to get one?

ETA: I also have a Silhouette Cameo that can cut fabric into various shapes, so I'd like to be able to do some machine appliqué also.
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I'm making a bag out of natural canvas and hot pink/yellow batik cotton. Do I really HAVE to pre wash the fabric? If so, can I wash them together, or should I do it separately? What is the likelihood that cotton batik and canvas will shrink?
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I was wondering if any seamstresses could help me, I'm having trouble inserting a zipper into a dress with a gathered skirt. Do you have any tips on inserting it neatly so it doesn't interefere with the gathers? Here's a terrible paint diagram if that helpsclick )

and a dress I made for a friend..

alice in wonderland card suit slip dress )
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i've been trying to make a simple shirred summer dress. for some reason my fabric won't shirr. i've never shirred anything with this machine before, i've only had it for a few months.

i've tried winding the elastic on the bobbin tight and loosely, i've tried a straight stitch on the longest setting, i've been told to try a small zig zag and that didnt' work either.
i've even tried two different types of elastic thread.
it just won't shirr.

someone tell me what i'm doing wrong. or point me in the direction of something helpful. i've googled the crap out of this, and i can't find anything helpful.
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Quite a few questions I have. I want to work on my sewing project tomorrow or saturday whichever I get a chance first. So I figured I'd ask these few questions real quick before I workedon it and hopefully someone can help. =o)

1.) I read in my sewing machine manual that if you see the thread from the bobbin on top then your tension is too tight && if you see the thread from the top underneath then your tension is too loose. Well, what if you see the thread on both sides of your fabric? Like the bobbin thread is on top while the other thread from the top is underneath.. I tried messing with the tension; but all it does is put more thread from one said to the other. YOu know what I mean? Like there will be more thread showing on the bottom then there was before. Am I using hte wrong needle? I was worried about it breaking and I'm sewing some cotton peices together [about 4 layers of fabric now; before it was only 2 layers] and I'm using a middle to heavy weight needle.

2.) I'm using a pattern which I haven't done in years.. so I have three questions on that; this is th efirst one. It says to staystitch certain edges; to my understanding that staystitching is just to hold the fabric the way it is so it doesn't get contorted while you sew. Well, I sewed extra fabric to the back of each peice so help make it stronger; does that count as staystitching; or should I do another stitch?

3.) It says to 'clip to stitching' and I understand that; my only question is that in the picture after it says to clip to stitching it the piece has little triangles cut out of it ever inch or so.. is that what I'm suppose to do?

4.) I'm sure it is a little late on this; but on the pattern it has triangle marks and I marked them on my fabric with everything else.. but in the direction pictures it shows fabric triangles sticking out.. was I suppose to cut out little triangles where it has the triangle makrs on the fabric instead of marking it on my fabric??

Thanks. This apron I'm making has been giving me hassel and it's already taken me 10-15 hours last weekend and I haven't even started sewing it together yet. +sigh+ I think I'm too much of a perfectionist. =o\
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Hi, everyone!

I'm currently looking for dress patterns that have circle skirts or something similar. Basically, I'm looking for a dress with a skirt that flares out when spinning. I've got a few in mind, but I'm looking for opinions. Has anyone here made something like what I'm talking about? What patterns did you use?

I'm not very good at making my own patterns, but I'm fine with altering pre-existing patterns. The top half/bodice/etc doesn't matter too much, I'm mostly just looking for a pretty skirt that flares out =)

Thanks, everyone!

Oh, and if there's a better place to post this, let me know =)
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Longtime lurker - I love this community.

I recently bought a pair of bathing suit bottoms (bikini) and when I got home and took the tags off and washed them and tried them on sans underwear I noticed that the lining isn't as thick as it should be. It's a dark magenta color so it's not see through but I would like more lining there so that people don't see my crotch and stuff - get my drift?

Anyway, I was thinking of taking an old bathing suit lining, cutting it out, and sewing it in this new bottom. Is there any specific type of thread I should be looking for?

Or, what would you suggest? Thanks for any suggestions or comments! Sorry for the text only.
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Hi girls, it's been forever since i've posted, but I really would love your help...
I'm almost done with making this gothic lolita head piece and I have ribbons hanging down on each end and as the tie for around the neck...
I was wondering what would be good to make the ends of the ribbon not fray?

picture of it so far )
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Approximately how much fabric do you need to make one skirt?

(Obviously I don't have alot of experience with clothing making as of now..)



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