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Hi all.

Couple days ago, I posted pictures of a bracelet that I've made. I'm not wearing necklaces, but I like to wear jewelries in set. That's why I usually make earrings matched with a bracelet.

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Yesterday, I finished my first wiring project :) I made chain maille bracelet with pearls beads. I made it from scratch :)

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It is not really about craft. :) I've seen in this community sometimes pretty much well photographed pictures but a little bit dull. The problem I can see is just lack of editing. I'd like to share one quick "how to"... it's not even a real tutorial :) I'm showing how I enhanced a little bit a picture taken by my friend.

I know that not everyone has Photoshop, and I found a convenient free tool for online photo editing http://pixlr.com/editor/ which has some similarity with Photoshop.  Graphic user interface is pretty much intuitive and convenient to use. Again, it's just one way to make your pictures look a little bit better. I'll show how I got the result (left picture) from the original (right picture).

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Aug. 23rd, 2012 09:59 pm
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I bookmarked this owl cushion tutorial ages ago but never got around to actually making it... until last week and I've made six owls since.
The first one (on the right) took me about five hours from start to finish but the rest have taken me three hours or less. They are perfect gifts for someone or if you want to make a whole army of them for yourselves! Fat quarters work perfectly and since I had about a hundred of them laying around, I was so thankful to be able to use some up. So cute!
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We move my little sister into her college apartment tomorrow! She recruited me to do the interior design, so for the past couple weeks I've been busy gathering and creating decor for her room. Last night I stayed up entirely too late working on this faux bear skin rug. Who wants a plain old square, when you can add something a little quirky to the space? This rug was simple to make, and I'll show you how to make your own!

Items you will need:

- 2-4 yards of faux fur fabric (I purchased mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics with a coupon)
- Masking tape or chalk
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun

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Hi girls!
A crafty dilemma is going on here and I count on your good suggestions: I've these wood beads and I'd like to make a necklace. I made few tries but I think it's missing something, I just can't put m hand on it.. mmm. These are the first attempts:
PicMonkey Collage3
I tried to ask google and these are the images that caught my attention: inspiration 1..
PicMonkey Collage

..and 2
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So I finally did it; I finished my first (and probably only ever) solid 18k gold moon tree pendant!

I hope that the gold market falls drastically (and soon) because a) it will mean that our economy is doing well, and b) I will get to play with more yummy buttery 18k gold wire! There's really no other wire that feels like it. I've had this wire sitting around for a couple of years, feeling scared of it and looking for just the right stone/s to use with it. Then, on 7/7, this rainbow moonstone called out to me. Do you see the little 7 in the stone? I like the number 7.

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Last fall, Target had the cutest dress on sale for $10. There was one left, and it was my size and we were to live happily ever after.

Until the lining ripped :( The outer fabric is lacy and just sheer enough that I couldn't do without the lining that kept ripping a bit more each time I put it on. It's been sitting in my craft room, waiting for me to find the perfect solution.

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Wanna make pretty "stained glass" butterflies for your windows, like this one:
...out of junk plastic?

Bonus! Requires little to no artistic talent! :D (Yanno, in case ya just don't got some! ;))

The kind of plastic I used was some I cut out from food containers, like the ones you can get donuts/cupcakes in at your local stores. As long as there's a flat piece of it, you can turn it into a butterfly! :D

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I'm on a roll with DIYs these days. I recently saw a cute & creative Countdown Frame on Pinterest (on which I waste my days away). I have a stack of picture frames we received as gifts from the wedding, that haven't been given a good use yet. I chose one that would fit a 5x7 photo and got to work recreating the project! Here's my version of the tutorial:

Items you will need:
- Photo frame (I used a 5x7, but you may use a larger or smaller one. Keep in mind that if you are using playing cards for the countdown numbers, the frame will need to be large enough for the card)
- Playing cards
- Clothespin (I used a mini "paper-clip" clothespin that I found a while back at Walmart)
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Name plate
- Cardstock (for the back & inside of the name plate)
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks

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Yesterday I posted about the current and upcoming Fall trend of Contrast Collars. I got crafty last night and created an easy-DIY project to share with you! Here we go...

Items you will need:
- Collared shirt in a pattern/color of your choice
- Chain link bracelet that has a clasp (I just found one that had been lying around)
- Diagonal pliers (or something that will cut through the bracelet)
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Iron
- Scissors

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I made these quick and easy fabric flowers that can be used for many different things such as hair accessories, embellishments on t-shirts, scrapbooking pages, hang tags, and more.

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I’ve wanted a nice pair of retro high-waisted shorts for some time now. I found a pair while thrifting last night and decided to DIY! This tutorial also works well with other styles of denim shorts. 

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I took up yoga several years ago. The one thing I didn't have was a yoga mat bag. I decided I should make one and designed this bag from one I saw on Pintrest using a pair of my dad's old denim jeans. It cost me very  little to make and most important I will  keep my dad's memory alive. For fun you can add embellishments using appliques, paint sequins, etc. tutorial here
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Hi girls, it's me again xD Hopefully this is allowed here.. I just wanted to share a series I write for my blog since a couple of months now: "DIY from head to toe", as write in the introduction >> here <<, it's about "weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly".

I posted the 12th episode on Wednesday, neon themed:

You can click on the pic to take a look, hope you'll like it :)
Have a nice w/e!!
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Hey there!
Another little project I did this w/e. My notebook definitely needed a new look:


You'll find the link to the tutorial I followed and more pictures >> here << :)
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Hi girls!
I made this little thing this w/e and wanted to share it with you. Nothing fancy but you'll surely earn some smiles with it :D

Click on the pic to read the minitutorial and some more infos :)
Have a nice Sunday!


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