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Taking directions from this website, I decided to make matryoshka (Russian nesting doll) holiday greeting cards this year.

First, I created a template (they also provide one on the linked website) and cut out a bunch of oulines on patterned cardstock (it was pretty difficult to find this, but I found some books of it at Michael's. I also did okay with some patterned paper which was stiffer than regular paper but not quite cardstock).

From December 2009

Then, I cut out heads. So very many heads. My boyfriend found the whole thing a bit creepy - all of these disembodied faces looking up at him from the floor. See:

From December 2009

Then, I glued the heads on. My technique evolved a little bit in the process, so some cards looked different than others...

From December 2009

It's all pretty much the same as the linked website, but I did add some embellishments. Rather than draw on the babushka ties for all of them, I tied ribbons into a bow and glued them on. I also holepunched some pink cardstock for rosy cheeks.

From December 2009

So, this is the final product:

From December 2009

And here's what they look like with writing on the back.

From December 2009

And I thought it would be a nice touch to make matryoshka gift tags with corresponding paper from their cards, so here are a few of those (a little small in this picture, but you might spot a few peeking out at you).

From December 2009

I hope you like these! I enjoyed making them, and I'm super happy to finally get them mailed!


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